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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Funding & Financing

About the support provided

With the aim of accelerating the market introduction and deployment of the technologies stemming from the projects FCH JU supports, funding/financial engineering activities have been integrated recently into the Programme Office. As also observed by the Independent Experts Group during the Interim Evaluation of the FCH JU[1], working closely with the industry, academia and research, the European Commission, Member States, Regions and Cities, other EU bodies and Financial Institutions generates synergies between different funding and financing sources.

There are several funding and financing schemes for complimentary projects to the ones directly supported by the FCH 2 JU. Reaching out to alternative funding and financing sources leverages the impact of FCH JU projects and enhances the achievement of its objectives.

The FCH 2 JU has been addressing these funding sources on a case-by-case basis[2]. Learning from and leveraging upon experiences from the past, the FCH JU shall now initiate a structured approach to this activity.

The present tab is designed to be as dynamic as needed in view of accommodating new funding and financing available for the FCH JU beneficiaries. It is also meant to be as transparent as possible, showcasing examples of support provided and lessons that can be shared among the wider FCH JU community of beneficiaries.

The following sub-tabs expand on the various type of support services the FCH JU provides and links to further information and interactive tools to assist you with:

  • Combination of Funding
    • Is EU funds’ blending possible?
    • Examples for blending EU Funds
    • Hubs and navigators
    • Open calls
    • Project Development Assistance
  • Advice on complex business models
    • FCE Bus roll-out
    • CHP scale-up
    • EU wide HRS network
    • Coupling Wind with PtH2
  • Exploitation of results
    • Technology Introduction and Preliminary Business Case dossiers (FCH Regions initiative)
    • Mobility Business Case tool (FCH Regions initiative)
    • Studies on Business Cases
      • PtH2
      • Bus
      • HRS
    • Raising profile for investors
      • Innovation Radar
      • EIPP
      • EIT InnoEnergy
    • CEB – Common Exploitation Booster
  • News concerning funding and financing

For further information on this topic, please refer to

Pedro Guedes de Campos

Financial Engineering officer fch-juatfch [dot] europa [dot] eu (fch-ju[at]fch[dot]europa[dot]eu)


[2] Example combined projects JIVE/MEHRLIN