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European Partnership

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

A selection of demonstration projects that bring new technology to the market (high TRL) is displayed and free of access below. Learn with the projects deployed and improve your own fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) projects.


TypeTitleSourceLinkLast update
Over-arching DemoBIG HIT - Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for EuropeFCH JU (H2020) 
Over-arching DemoHEAVENN - Hydrogen Energy Applications for Valley Environments in Northern NetherlandsFCH JU (H2020) 
Over-arching DemoGreenHyslands - Deployment of a H2 Ecosystem on the Island of MallorcaFCH JU (H2020) 
PortsH2Ports - Implementing Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies in PortsFCH JU (H2020) 
ShipsHyShip - Demonstrating Liquid Hydrogen for The Maritime SectorFCH JU (H2020) 
Road HDV
(Fuel Cell Electric Buses and Hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS)
JIVE (1 and 2) - Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe


MEHRLIN - Models for Economic Hydrogen RefueLling INfrastructure

FCH JU (H2020)



Light duty vehicles (LDV) and HRSH2ME - Hydrogen Mobility Europe (1 and) 2FCH JU (H2020) 
Road HDV
H2Haul - Hydrogen fuel cell trucks for heavy-duty, zero emission logisticsFCH JU (H2020) 
Road HDV (Coaches)CoacHyfied - Coaches with hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for regional and long-distance passenger transport with energy optimized powertrains and cost optimized designFCH JU (H2020) 
Road HDV (Garbage Trucks)REVIVE - Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe 
HRS - Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (combined metal hydride and mechanical compressors)

COSMHYC - COmbined hybrid Solution of Multiple HYdrogen Compressors for decentralised energy storage and refuelling stations

COSMHYC DEMO - COmbined Solution of Metal HYdride and mechanical Compressors: DEmonstration in the Hysoparc green H2 MObility project

COSMHYC XL - COmbined hybrid Solution of Metal HYdride and mechanical Compressors for eXtra Large scale hydrogen refuelling stations
FCH JU (H2020) 
Fuel cell micro-CHP (FC mCHP)PACE & ENEFIELD - European-wide field trials for residential fuel cell micro-CHPFCH JU (H2020)

100% RES power supply to remote regionsREMOTEFCH JU (H2020) 
FC CHP or waste to energyDEMOSOFC - Demonstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP)FCH JU (H2020) 
FC as temporary gensetsEVERYWH2ERE - Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European citiesFCH JU (H2020) 
FC for Power production and CHPCLEARgen Demo - The Integration and Demonstration of Large Stationary Fuel Cell Systems for Distributed GenerationFCH JU (FP7)