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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Reference Studies and Reports

We have collected several pivotal studies and reports that give you a broader perspective on market size and fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) technologies suitable for you.

TypeTitleSourceLinkLast update
Regions & CitiesStudy on Development of Business Cases for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Applications for European Regions and CitiesFCH JU - FCH Regions Initiative (Roland Berger PDF file)
Regions & CitiesProject Development Assistance for Cities and RegionsFCH JU (Spilett, Element energy, Waterstofnet, Trezors, WiseEuropa)
Hydrogen RoadmapHydrogen Roadmap Europe: a sustainable pathway for the European Energy TransitionFCH JU (McKinsey; PDF file)
Hydrogen in National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)Opportunities for Hydrogen energy technologies considering the National Energy & Climate PlansFCH JU (Trinomics and LBST; PDF files)


- Full report available at:

- Country Fiches available at:
Austria; Estonia; Italy; Portugal; Belgium; Finland; Latvia; Romania; Bulgaria; France; Lithuania; Slovakia; Croatia; Germany; Luxembourg; Slovenia; Cyprus; Greece; Malta; Spain; Czechia; Hungary; Netherlands; Sweden; Denmark;Ireland; Poland; United Kingdom

Value chainValue Added of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Sector in Europe - Supporting European growth and competitivenessFCH JU initiative (E4Tech, Ecorys and Strategic Analysis; website and PDF files-

- Summary report

- Findings report

- Evidence report

Power to HydrogenStudy on early business cases for H2 in energy storage and more broadly Power to H2 ApplicationsFCH JU (Hinicio et al. PDF file)
Green HydrogenStudy on Hydrogen from Renewable Resources in the EUFCH JU (LBST and Hinicio; PDF file)
Energy storageCommercialisation of energy storage in Europe – a fact-based analysis of the implications of projected development of the European electric power system towards 2030 and beyond for the role and commercial viability of energy storageFCH JU (McKinsey; PDF file)
TrucksFuel Cells Hydrogen Trucks – Heavy-Duty’s high performance green solutionFCH JU (Roland Berger; several PDF and Excel files)


- Study report

- Study summary

- Coalition Statement on Deployment of FCH Trucks in Europe

- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model (Excel file)

RailwayStudy on the use of fuel cells and hydrogen in the railway environmentShift2Railway & FCH JU (Roland Berger; several reports in PDF files)
AviationHydrogen-powered aviation – a fact-based study of hydrogen technology, economics, and climate impact by 2050.Fuel cells in aviation - business casesClean Sky JU &FCH JU (McKinsey PDF file)
Stationary Fuel CellsAdvancing Europe's energy systems: stationary fuel cells in distributed generationFCH JU (Roland Berger; PDF file)
BusStudy on Strategies for joint procurement of fuelFCH JU (Element Energy et al; PDF file)
BusStrategies for joint procurement of fuel cell busesFCH JU (Element Energy et al; PDF file)
BusFuel Cell Electric Buses – Potential for Sustainable Public Transport in EuropeFCH JU (Roland Berger; PDF file)
HRSA roadmap for financing hydrogen refuelling networks – creating prerequisites for h2-based mobilityFCH JU (Roland Berger; PDF file)

- A roadmap for financing hydrogen refueling networks – Creating prerequisites for H2-based mobility

- Final Report