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European Partnership

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Session 1 - KEYNOTE TALKS: Review of progress against the strategic plans for the sector

  • Activities and achievements of the FCH JU, Pierre-Etienne Franc, NEW-IG Chair- view here
  • FCH perspectives, Annemie Turtelboom, Vice Minister President of the Flemish Region and Minister of Budget, Finance and Energy
  • US Perspectives, Reuben Sarkar, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Energy, US- view here
  • Fuel Cells and hydrogen after COP21, Patrick Oliva, Director of Prospective and Sustainable Development, Michelin
  • Looking forward, Rudolf Strohmeier, Deputy Director General, DG Research and Innovation

Session 2 - TRANSPORT - Early learning from the market and plans to overcome hurdles to commercialisation

  • H2: our path to a sustainable society, Jacques Pieraerts, Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe- view here
  • Hydrogen buses: meeting cities’ need for zero emissions transport, Heinrich Klingenberg, Director, HySOLUTIONS, Hamburg- view here
  • Experiences of owning and operating a fleet of fuel cell cars, Birte Busch Thomsen, Copenhagen Municipality- view here
  • Daimler’s view on hydrogen and fuel cells: connecting the transport and energy systems, Christian Mohrdieck, Director Drive Development Fuel Cell System, Daimler AG
  • Lessons learnt from starting a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure in Germany Frank Sreball, Director, H2Mobility- view here
  • Looking forward, Helmut Morsi, Deputy Head of Unit, DG MOVE, EC- view here

Session 3 - ENERGY APPLICATIONS - Early learning from the market + plans to overcome hurdles to commercialisation

  • Making Power to Gas investible, Raphael Shoentgen, Director Research & Technologies, ENGIE- view here
  • Mainz, a large scale wind-hydrogen project, Marc de Volder, European Sales Director, Siemens AG- view here
  • Status of Japanese ENE-FARM toward the full scale commercialization, Yuji Nagata, Technical Adviser, Toshiba- view here
  • Fuel Cell MicroCHP: entering the commercial phase in Europe, Walter Bornscheuer, Senior Vice President Technology, Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG- view here
  • Looking forward, Tudor Constantinescu, Principal Advisor to the Director General, DG Energy, EC

Session 4 - Getting the politics and regulations in place to allow fuel cells and hydrogen to play their role as mass-impact clean energy option

  • Making use of the EU’s intelligent financing mechanisms, Neil Valentine, Head of Roads Division, European Investment Bank- view here
  • Impact of research activities on FCH technologies and on policy development, Deborah Jones, N.ERGHY and director of research at CNRS- view here
  • UK policy evolution to the opportunity of hydrogen fuel cells for transport, Joe Stevenson, Business Development Director, Johnson Matthey, UK
  • Bridging the gap from technology to market, Jean-Frédéric Clerc, Director, CEATech- view here
  • Making the case for policy makers to support a new technology, Bernard Frois, Chair of the IPHE- viewhere

WEBSTREAMING from the Stakeholder Forum- view here