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European Partnership

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Session II. Hydrogen Economy

· P.E.FRANC, Secretary General, Hydrogen Council: Hydrogen scaling up

· T. BUERGLER, Head of R&D, Voestalpine: H2Future: Green hydrogen for steelmaking

· J.A. LØKKE, CEO, NEL Hydrogen: Nel Group

· D. WILSON, CEO, Hydrogenics: Hydrogen economy- from manufacturers to end- users

· A. RAVAGNI, CEO, SOLIDpower: 10th FCH JU Stakeholder Forum

· R. MAC EWEN, CEO, Ballard: We are Ballard Europe

· D. YORKE, Tower Transit: Hydrogen fuel cell buses

Session IV. Collaborative research

· L. ANTONI, Hydrogen Europe Research, CEA: Collaboration between research and industry to address societal challenges

· J. KIVIAHO, VTT Technical Research Center Finland: Collaboration between research and industry - VTT’s experiences

· C. SATTLER, Institute of Solar Research, DLR: Concentrated Solar Radiation + Water. An Option for Efficient Large Scale Renewable Hydrogen Production – European World Leadership under the FCH JU

· S. MOLLER- HOLST, SINTEF: Market developments for hydrogen in Norway – the crucial role of the FCH JU

You can view the 2017 Stakeholder Forum on- line streaming here.