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Programme Review Days 2017: Programme Posters and Presentations

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Watch the PRD broadcast on the 23/11/17 here

  • Opening and welcome - Mirela Atanasiu, FCH JU Head of Unit, Operations and Communication

  • Research activities in stationary applications: Materials, components, diagnosis, performance phenomena, subsystem design and production (Panel 4) Moderated by Dionisis TSIMIS, FCH JU

    • Portfolio presentation - Dionisis TSIMIS, FCH JU
    • ENDURANCE: Enhanced durability materials for advanced stacks of new solid oxide fuel cells - Paolo PICCARDO, Uni. Genova - video
    • SECOND ACT: Simulation, statistics and experiments coupled to develop optimized and durable µCHP systems using accelerated tests - Sylvie ESCRIBANO, CEA-Liten
    • SOSLeM: Solid oxide stack lean manufacturing - Elli VARKARAKI, HT Ceramix / Solidpower
    • NELLHI: New all-European high-performance stack: design for mass production - Stephen McPHAIL. ENEA
    • MATISSE: Manufacturing improved stack with textured surface electrodes for stationary and CHP applications - Sylvie ESCRIBANO, CEA-Liten

Posters for all stationary research projects reviewed in 2017

  • Research activities in transport applications: MEAs, components, stacks and subsystems, hydrogen refuelling stations (Panel 2) Moderated by Pietro CALOPRISCO​, FCH JU

    • Portfolio presentation - Pietro CALOPRISCO, FCH JU
    • NANO-CAT: Development of advanced catalysts for PEMFC automotive applications, Pierre -André JACQUES, CEA-Liten
    • IMPACT: Improved lifetime of automotive application fuel cells with ultra low Pt-loading - K. Andreas FRIEDRICH, DLR
    • GIANTLEAP: Giantleap improves automation of non-polluting transportation with lifetime extension of automotive PEM fuel cells - Federico ZENITH, Sintef
    • COMPASS: Competitive auxiliary power units for vehicles based on metal supported stack technology - Richard SCHAUPERL, AVL List
    • AUTO-STACK-CORE: Automotive fuel cell stack cluster initiative for Europe II - Ludwig JOERISSEN, Zentrum für Sonnenenergie und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden Württemberg

Posters for all transport research projects reviewed in 2017

  • Hydrogen production, distribution and storage: research and validation (Panel 5) Moderated by Nikos LYMPEROPOULOS, FCH JU

    • Portfolio presentation - Nikos LYMPEROPOULOS, FCH JU
    • DON QUICHOTE: Demonstration of new qualitative concept of hydrogen out of wind turbine electricity - Jan VAES, Hydrogenics
    • ELECTRA: High temperature electrolyser with novel proton ceramic tubular modules of superior efficiency, robustness, and lifetime economy - Truls Norby, Uni. I Oslo
    • HyBALANCE: Jessie PONCE, Air Liquide - video
    • EDEN: High energy density Mg-based metal hydrides storage system - Luigi CREMA, Fondzione Bruno Kessler
    • HYDROSOL-PLANT: Thermochemical hydrogen production in a solar monolithic reactor: construction and operation of a 750 kWth plant - Souzana LORENTZOU, CERTH
    • Study: Early Business Cases for H2 in Energy Storage - Stephane Rapoport, Tractebel & Wouter Vanhoudt, Hinicio

Postersfor all hydrogen projects reviewed in 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

Watch the PRD broadcast on the 24/11/17 here

Postersfor all transport validation projects reviewed in 2017

  • Cross-cutting: Pre-normative research, safety issues, education & training, socio-economic & benchmarking (Panel 6) Moderated by Alberto GARCIA HOMBRADOS, FCH JU

    • Portfolio presentation - Alberto GARCIA HOMBRADOS, FCH JU
    • HYPACTOR: Pre-normative research on resistance to mechanical impact of composite overwrapped pressure vessels - Fabien NONY, CEA-Liten
    • SOCTESQA: Solid oxide cell and stack testing, safety and quality assurance - Michael LANG, DLR
    • HYTECHCYCLING: New technologies and strategies for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in the phase of recycling and dismantling - Ana María FÉRRIZ QUILLEZ, Fundacion para el Desarollo de las Nuevas Tecnologias del Hydrogeno en Aragon
    • KNOWHY: Improving the knowledge in hydrogen and fuel cell technology for technicians and workers - Purushothaman Vellayani ARAVIND, Tech. Uni. Delft
    • CERTIFHY & study on Guarantees of Origin: Developing a European framework for the generation of guarantees of origin for green hydrogen - Wouter VANHOUDT, Hinicio

Posters for all cross-cutting projects reviewed in 2017

  • Technology validation in stationary applications: CHP, back-up power (Panel 3), moderated by Antonio AGUILO RULLAN

    • Portfoliopresentation - Antonio AGUILO RULLAN, FCH JU
    • ene.field & PACE: European-wide field trials for residential fuel cell micro-CHP - Mike SMALL, BDR Thermae - video
    • Study: Business Models and financing arrangements for the commercialisation of stationary applications of fuel cells - Scott DWYER, Delta-ee
    • STAGE-SOFC: Innovative SOFC system layout for stationary power and CHP applications - Oliver POSDZIECH, Sunfire
    • DEMOSOFC: Demonstration of large SOFC system fed with biogas from WWTP - Massimo SANTARELLI, Politecnico di Torino
    • POWER-UP: Demonstration of 500 kWe alkaline fuel cell system with heat capture - Nicholas PLOUMIS, AFC Energy

Postersfor all stationary validation projects reviewed in 2017

  • Event key message and closure - Mirela Atanasiu, FCH JU

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