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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Founding Regulation and Legal Documents

On 19 November, the Council of the EU adopted the regulation establishing Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (as per its legal name Clean Hydrogen JU), as the successor of FCH 2 JU

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

The Clean Hydrogen JU Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) was adopted on 25 February 2022.

Annual Work Programmes

The Annual Work Programme (AWP) outlines the scope and details of the JU's operational and horizontal activities for each year, including its budget and the call for proposals

Budget and Annual Accounts

Budget and Annual Accounts

Annual Activity Reports

Annual activity reports and assessments of the Governing Board


You can find here the latest job opportunities

In-Kind Additional Activities

At the moment, there are not any in-kind additional activities for the recently established Clean Hydrogen JU.

Governing Board Decisions

The list of decisions of the Clean Hydrogen JU Governing Board can be found on this webpage

Interim evaluation reports

This webpage presents the reports that have resulted from interim evaluations carried out by the Commission with the assistance of independent experts, in accordance with the Council Regulations establishing FCH JU, FCH 2 JU and Clean Hydrogen JU

Rules for Conflict of Interest

This webpage presents the rules applicable for the prevention and management of conflict of interests for staff members and for the bodies of the Clean Hydrogen JU