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FCH Regions' Hub

The FCH-Regions’ Hub supports regional and local authorities and other public bodies across the European Union to develop and turn their concepts for regional hydrogen and fuel cell (FCH) projects into detailed work plans


Taking Europe-wide green and low carbon hydrogen certification to the next level: from concept to implementation

European Hydrogen Safety Panel

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies shall be safely developed, safely introduced, and safely used in projects as well as in the wider society

Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valleys Platform

The Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valley Platform was developed under the Mission Innovation Innovation Challenge 8 (IC8) "Renewable and Clean Hydrogen…

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory

FCHO: the go-to source for up-to-date information about the hydrogen and fuel cells sector

European Hydrogen Refuelling Station Availability System

A real-time information system on the availability of hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe.