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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel

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Hydrogen plays a key role in the transition towards a climate-neutral economy, enabling emission-free transport, heating and industrial processes as well as inter-seasonal energy storage. 

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is committed to make the EU hydrogen sector a leader in sustainable and circular hydrogen technologies and value chains. In order to do so, hydrogen technologies must take the entire life cycle into account, promote circular design processes, and encourage sustainability as well as waste prevention. 

Launched by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the mission of the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel (EHS&CP) is twofold:

  • Helping the Partnership to address the sustainability and circularity at both the programme and project levels, encompassing environmental, social and economic aspects
  • Promoting and disseminating knowledge for a more sustainable and circular culture within and beyond the programme

The main activities of the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel include:

  • Monitoring, analysing and reporting on the advancements of the projects funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its overall programme regarding sustainability and circularity of hydrogen technologies 
  • Defining a comprehensive approach to help integrating sustainability and circularity aspects in future projects 
  • Providing recommendations and sharing lessons learnt.

The panel will perform analysis and provide guidance on a number of relevant areas:

  • Eco-design and eco-efficiency 
  • Raw materials and supply chain 
  • Manufacturing processes, automation and scaling up
  • Waste management and recycling 
  • Hydrogen end-use applications (industrial and transport) 
  • Techno-economic and social science aspects
  • Environment and life cycle assessment.


For any questions on the panel and its activities, contact us at EHSCPatclean-hydrogen [dot] europa [dot] eu (EHSCP[at]clean-hydrogen[dot]europa[dot]eu)