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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Call for experts

The Clean Hydrogen JU is looking for experts to evaluate project proposals in different application areas, including technical and management aspects of projects from basic research to industrial scale demonstrations.

Register to become an expert and evaluate the project proposals

The experts are chosen from the European Commission's central database to evaluate project proposals in annual calls for proposals, according to the relevancy of their experience to the specific call topics. Please note that in order to eliminate any potential conflict of interestan expert can be selected only if him/her and his/her organisation are not submitting a proposal for the call which is under evaluation.

Follow the steps below to register as an expert evaluator for the Clean Hydrogen JU Call for proposals 2022

1) Register your details in the expert database online in the European Commission Opportunities and Tender Portal (Experts module).

2) Send an email to express your interest to act as an evaluator for the current call at, including the ‘expert registration number’ . This second step is very important to increase the chance of an expert to be identified faster and selected by the Clean Hydrogen JU (provided that they meet the requirements). 

Indicative planning of the evaluations for Call 2022 

  1. Deadline for submission of proposals = 31st May 2022
  • Remote phase: 15 June – 7 July 2022
  • Panel meeting (in Brussels if possible) : 11 – 12 July 2022
  1. Deadline for submission of proposals = 20th September 2022
  • Remote phase: 14 October – 10 November 2022
  • Panel meeting (in Brussels if possible): 14 – 15 November 2022


Once we will be notified of the expert's registration in the database (see the steps above) and after checking the expert profile to see if it fits with the necessary expertise for the topics of the current call, we will contact him/her for the availability (according to the different steps of the evaluation process schedule/planning and deadlines above).Then we will follow up bilaterally and eventually contract the expert after agreement on all necessary details.

Selected experts will sign a contract with the Clean Hydrogen JU, including confidentiality and absence of conflict of interest declaration. Moreover, their work and related travel to attend the panel meetings (for the rapporteurs only) in Brussels will be reimbursed. The evaluation process requires a remote/distant evaluation, consisting of an individual assessment written on the assigned projects as well as participating in consensus meeting remotely to agree on the final marking and report within the panel of 2-3 other experts, depending on the type of project. At this stage, we plan that panel meetings, involving only the rapporteurs, will take place in Brussels.

On the validity of your registration: once the expert is registered, his/her profile stays in the database for the entire Horizon Europe and for all programmes there. There is no need to register for a specific call. The IT people in charge of the database will contact all the experts from time to time and require them to update their profile.

For more information, please contact: