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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Annual Programme Review

The purpose of the periodic Programme Review is to ensure that the Clean Hydrogen JU Programme is aligned with the strategy and objectives set out in the SBA, as further elaborated in its SRIA for 2021-2027. It is performed in a similar manner as for its predecessors, FCH JU and FCH 2 JU, and their respective founding Regulations and multi-annual work plans. 

The Programme Review is an exercise dating back to 2011. Initially, between 2011 and 2016, it was carried out by external experts from research and industry, both European and non-European, as well as by members of the FCH 2 JU Scientific Committee. As follow-up to a recommendation by the Internal Audit Service of the Commission, as of 2017 the JRC was then entrusted with the Programme Review as part of its activities under the multiannual Framework Contract signed between FCH 2 JU and JRC.  

Today the Annual Programme Review which can be separated into four main activities:  

  1. the Annual Data Collection exercise 
  2. the JRC Annual Programme Technical Assessment
  3. the Programme Review Report, and  
  4. the EU Research Days (previously Programme Review Days)
    annual Programme Review