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Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valleys Platform

The Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valley Platform was developed under the Mission Innovation Innovation Challenge 8 (IC8) "Renewable and Clean Hydrogen”. The platform features comprehensive insights into the most advanced and ambitious Hydrogen Valleys around the globe.

Background and objectives

As a clear sign of a growing and maturing hydrogen market, "Hydrogen Valleys" have started to emerge all around the world.

A “Hydrogen Valley” is a geographical area – a city, a region, an island or an industrial cluster - where several hydrogen applications are combined together into an integrated hydrogen ecosystem that consumes a significant amount of hydrogen, improving the economics behind the project. It should ideally cover the entire hydrogen value chain: production, storage, distribution and final use.

The platform presents comprehensive insights into the most advanced and ambitious Hydrogen Valleys around the globe. Based on extensive collection of primary data from the projects, the platform will provide information on technologies deployed, funding details, stakeholder management, barriers and project success factors.

The information will include best practices from the projects, a matchmaking section as well as a compilation of the most useful tools and studies available for project developers, policy makers and industry representatives alike.

It aims to facilitate information sharing on and between Hydrogen Valleys around the world to inform project developers, policy makers and the hydrogen industry alike, thereby advancing the further development of the new hydrogen economy and ultimately the green energy transition.

Launch event – 19 January 2021

The digital launch event of the platform took place on 19 January and included keynote speakers from the Mission Innovation IC8 Co-Leads Australia, the European Commission and Germany. The event featured presentations from the developers of the platform, Roland Berger and Inycom, which presented the platform's functionalities as well as key findings of the global analysis of Hydrogen Valleys.

You can find all the presentations  here.
For more information about the platform, please visit:

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