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Clean Hydrogen Partnership


The notice of publication of the call for proposals 2015 can be found on the Participant Portal website here

Call updates (01/12/2015):

An overview of the evaluation results (Flash Call Info) is now availablehere

Call updates (28/08/2015):

A total of 66 proposals were submitted in response to this call.

  • Transport – total 19 proposals
  • Energy – total 34 proposals
  • Overarching – total 5 proposals
  • Cross-cutting – total 4 proposals

The proposals received have responded with the following numbers to the call topics:

Transport pillar: 19

Energy pillar: 34

Overarching: 5

Cross-cutting: 4

Topic 1.1: 4

2.1: 3

3.1: 1

4.1: 2

1.2: 3

2.2: 5

3.2: 4

4.2: 1

1.3: 3

2.3: 4

3.3: 0

4.3: 1

1.4: 2

2.4: 3

1.5: 7

2.5: 4

2.6: 9

2.7: 3

2.8: 2

2.9: 1

4 proposals were withdrawn by the FCH JU services due to abusive submission.

The evaluation of the proposals is planned to start in September 2015 and will be closed by mid-October 2015. Applicants will be informed on the outcome of the evaluations by the end of November 2015.

Call update: 18/06/2015

International Collaboration:

Following an agreement between the US Department of Energy, DoE and the FCH JU, please note that for the following topics:

FCH-03.1-2015: Large scale demonstration of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and FCEV road vehicles - including buses and on site electrolysis

FCH-04.2-2015: Novel Education and Training Tools

FCH-04.3-2015: Best practices guidelines on safety issues relating to current and emerging FCH Technologies

legal entities established in the United States and participating in a proposal to be funded by the FCH JU programme are encouraged to explore potential future opportunities for funding in similar topics through the US Department of Energy.

More information is available at: and

Call update: 05/06/2015

Topic FCH-03.1-2015: "Large scale demonstration of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and FCEV road vehicles - including buses and on site electrolysis"

The following clarifications are added to the 'Expected Impact' text:

o High funding rates only possible in the first 3 years;
o Low funding rates always possible and mandatory after 3 years;
o A minimum of 80% of the FCEVs will be at lower funding rates

FCH 2 JU Specific Documents

Standard Proposal templates for call 2015 (WORD files):

Horizon 2020 documents

All documents related to the Horizon 2020 programme can be found on the Participant Portal here