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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The EHSP is composed of a multidisciplinary pool of safety experts grouped in ad-hoc working groups (task forces) according to the tasks to be performed and to expertise. The scope and activities of the EHSP are structured around four main areas:

TF.1. Support at project level

The EHSP task under this category includes the development of a package of measures to avoid any accident by integrating safety learnings, expertise and planning into Clean Hydrogen Partnership funded projects and by ensuring that all projects address and incorporate the state-of-the-art in hydrogen safety appropriately.

TF.2. Support at programme level

EHSP works under this category include a set of activities intrinsically linked with the activities of the previous task force but with a broader and cross-cutting dimension, focused on the Joint Undertaking's programme itself and how safety-related aspects can be enhanced within the overall programme and activities.

TF.3. Data collection and assessment

The EHSP tasks include the analysis of existing events already introduced in the European Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database (HIAD 2.0) and of new information from relevant mishaps, incidents or accidents. The EHSP derives lessons learned and provides further general recommendations to all stakeholders, based on these data.

TF.4. Public outreach

Framed within the context of the intended broad information exchange, the EHSP tasks under this category include the communication with stakeholders and the public to highlight the importance of hydrogen safety, to highlight achievements and progress in hydrogen safety, and to promote hydrogen safety training and education.

Members of the EHSP

AZKARATE Inaki (Chair person)MELIDEO DanieleSKJOLD Trygve (Leader TF 4)
MAIR Georg W.SATHIAH PratapVYAZMINA Elena(Leader TF 1)
MAROÑO MartaSCHMIDTCHEN UlrichWEN Jennifer (Leader TF 3)


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