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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The Programme Review Report is looking at the activities and results of the Clean Hydrogen JU and how they align with the strategy and objectives set out in its founding Regulation and further elaborated in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Up to 2021 the Programme Review Report was strictly based on the findings of the annual review by JRC of all activities supported by the FCH 2 JU during the previous years. Particular attention was paid to the added value effectiveness and techno-economic efficiency of the FCH 2 JU projects, highlighting also areas that would benefit from further attention in subsequent years. 

Starting with 2022, the scope of the Programme Review Report has further broadened compared to previous years. At the core of the Programme Review remains still the Annual Programme Technical Assessment performed by JRC and the publication of the Clean Hydrogen JU project posters.   

The scope of the JRC assessment remains to review the annual progress of the Clean Hydrogen JU Programme towards its multi-annual research targets, as reflected by the SRIA technology KPIs, while also identifying gaps in the Programme and providing recommendations on how to better meet its multiannual programme objectives and targets. It also includes observations on the major accomplishments of the projects and difficulties encountered. A summary of the JRC assessment can be found in the Annex of the Programme Review Report, split per Pillar and accompanied by the project posters. 

The JRC recommendations are also complemented by the independent opinions of the wider scientific community, gathered during the EU Hydrogen Research Days. Additionally, the Programme Review reports on possible relevant studies commissioned by the JU, certain major reports published by international bodies and selected international developments, providing a more holistic picture on the wider developments in the hydrogen sector and how the Clean Hydrogen JU activities fit in this wider context. Moreover, it also summarises observed technological, economic and societal barriers to market entry. Considering all the above information, the Program Review closes by reporting on the progress towards the JU’s strategic objectives through the relevant KPIs defined in its SRIA. 

The inclusion of all these topics in the Programme Review Report, allow it to go beyond the simple monitoring of the Programme, but become also an important input for the next Annual Work Programmes and the identification of research areas and topics for the forthcoming Calls.  


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2022Programme review report 2022
2020-21Programme review report 2020-21
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2017Programme review report 2017
2016Programme review report 2016
2015Programme review report 2015
2014Programme review report 2014
2012Programme review 2012 : final report
2011Programme review 2011 : final report

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