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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

In order to ensure the openness of its Programme, the Clean Hydrogen JU tries to collect the independent opinions and advice of the wider scientific community on the SRIA, work programmes and developments in adjacent sectors through an independent scientific advisory workshop as part of the European Hydrogen Week. The related actions undertaken, as well as the summary of the opinions gathered are presented below

Wider Scientific Community 2022

The Clean Hydrogen JU continued its effort to increase the openness of its Programme, by widening the scope of its Programme Review Days (PRD). In 2022, this part of the Hydrogen Week, traditionally presenting the progress of the Programme and achievements of selected projects, was opened to the wider scientific community for consultation (as required by the SBA – see above too). These days were thus renamed as EU Hydrogen Research Days and included discussion panels for each Pillar with scientists / researchers from the wider scientific community, along with the audience, freely exchanging their views and opinions on the Clean Hydrogen JU Programme, the achievements of its projects and the way forward.

Summary of collected views - 2022

Wider Scientific Community 2021

In 2021, during the preparation of the SRIA, the JU made the first attempt to collect the opinions of the wider scientific community via a workshop organised on 30/11/2021 in two sessions, during the second day of the European Hydrogen Week 2021. The JU presented an overview of its planned multi-annual research and innovation (R&I) priorities, covering the whole hydrogen value chain. A particular emphasis was given to the necessary synergies with other end-use partnerships, collaboration with whom will be critical to achieve its goals.

Summary of collected views - 2021