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News article11 March 2024Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking

31 new projects advancing research and innovation on hydrogen technologies

Clean Hydrogen Partnership has signed EUR 178 million in grants from Call 2023 to continue the efforts on hydrogen R&I technology development across the whole EU.

Clean Hydrogen Partnership has signed EURO 178 million in grants from Call 2023

The funding will support 31 new projects involving 28 different countries and across the whole hydrogen value chain: from continuous support to very innovative European electrolysis technologies, large-scale demonstration of 1,000 tonnes underground hydrogen storage in depleted natural gas reservoirs, liquid hydrogen refuelling stations, multi-MW fuel cells for maritime applications or fuel cell-based systems for Non-Road Mobile Machinery, next generation of hydrogen turbines or retrofitting existing machinery in hard-to-abate industries, to the building of the European workforce with a Hydrogen Academy and preparing the next generation of products by addressing the strategic research challenges. 

These investments complement the other 33 projects from Call 2022 signed earlier last year for EUR 258.5 million, in a big effort to support the EU Hydrogen sector to further develop the existing EU leading technologies by improving their durability but also reducing their costs, while keeping the EU industry competitiveness. These efforts are part of the whole EU approach to advancing clean hydrogen, facilitated by the Hydrogen Strategy and re-affirmed by the RePowerEU. 

4 more new Hydrogen Valleys projects for EUR 47 million have also just been signed: one big valley in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France) and another 3 small valleys in Pays de la Loire (France), northern Denmark and Alentejo (Portugal). These innovative fully functioning eco-systems across different EU countries are joining the other already announced 9 Hydrogen Valleys projects co-funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership under Call 2022. 

More information on all new projects supported by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and also its predecessors can be found in our repository and dashboard.  

Clean Hydrogen Partnership is continuously committed to further advance research and innovation on hydrogen technologies, and Call 2024 is still open, with a new total budget of EUR 113.5 million divided by 20 new topics. We look forward to receiving the applications by April 17th.


Publication date
11 March 2024
Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking