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News article11 September 2020Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking1 min read

Coordinators' Day 2020 - the preparations for the Grant Agreements have commenced

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Following the evaluation of the proposals received in the 2020 Call, the FCH JU Programme Office invited the coordinators of the successful projects on 10 September 2020, for an online day of presentations covering all the details on the preparation and signature of a grant agreement.

The number of proposals that can finally be funded depends on the available budget and the formal approval of grant agreements by the FCH JU. It is expected that the first grant agreements will be signed by December 2020.

Other relevant topics for the projects, such as audit, knowledge management, dissemination and communication, were presented as well.


  1. FCH 2 JU 2020 Call
  2. Grant agreement preparation overview
  3. Legal and financial validation, guarantee fund
  4. Grant agreement
  5. How to succeed in Horizon 2020 audits
  6. Grant agreement preparation - description of the action
  7. Knowledge management
  8. Communication and dissemination


Publication date
11 September 2020
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking