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Clean Hydrogen Partnership
News article15 September 2023Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking1 min read

European Hydrogen Observatory (re)launch

We warmly invite the hydrogen community to join us for the relaunch of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory on 29 September 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CEST.

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Observatory Relaunch

Your presence is key to the success of this special occasion. Let's celebrate innovation, knowledge, and progress, as we work collectively toward a cleaner, brighter future.

What to Expect

  • Advancing Towards a Greener Future: We'll host insightful sessions with our data providers, shedding light on their significant contributions. We will explore the pivotal role of data in understanding hydrogen technology and making it accessible to all. Together, we're taking meaningful steps toward a greener world.
  • Collaboration with Impactful Partners: We have partnered with esteemed collaborators who have played a vital role in our journey. 
  • A revamped platform for hydrogen related data. Our dedicated team leading the branding and communication efforts will unveil the new Observatory. Expect the introduction of a fresh logo, a revamped website, and an enhanced digital presence.

Keep an eye on the Observatory news section and follow the Clean Hydrogen Partnership social media channels to stay up to date. We eagerly anticipate celebrating with you and forging a sustainable path forward.

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15 September 2023
Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking