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Newsletter18 February 202112 min read

FCH News Report


FCH News Report



Dear reader,

2021 kicked off strongly for hydrogen in the EU. As mentioned in the fact of the month, 22 new projects started their activities, including the project that will turn Mallorca into the first Hydrogen Island in Europe. I wish the 22 consortia all the best and we are looking forward to seeing the first results.

In January we launched the Hydrogen Valleys Platform under the Mission Innovation Challenge 8. Already 32 regions across 18 countries worldwide have established a hydrogen valley and will collaborate and share experience from now on the platform.

Certifhy3 study officially started. Its mission is to roll out the guarantees of origin scheme across Europe, which is why the consortium is constituted of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) together with regulators in Benelux and Austria. As the EU might need to import hydrogen, collaboration on GO’s with export countries is incorporated.

Several FCH-JU transport projects announced important news such as the first hydrogen double-deckers for Aberdeen and the publication of H2ME final report with interesting findings. As safety remains one of our top priorities, together with the Joined Research Centre (JRC) and the European Hydrogen Safety Panel (EHSP) we published the results of an internal workshop on “Safety of electrolysers”.

Enjoy the read and stay safe,

Bart Biebuyck, FCH JU Executive Director


FCH JU Programme and Projects Updates



Hydrogen Valleys: a European idea going global

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 21.01.2021 [fr] [de]


Image: More than 1000 participants from across the world gathered on 19 January for the launch of the Hydrogen Valley Platform ( developed by the FCH JU under the umbrella of Mission Innovation "Renewable and Clean Hydrogen" Innovation Challenge.

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Results of the FCH JU Workshop on Safety of Electrolysis

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 01.02.2021 [fr] [de]

The FCH JU organised on 18 November 2020 an internal workshop on “Safety of Electrolysis” with the support of the European Safety Panel (EHSP). The workshop focused on the safety aspects of electrolysis technology and had three main objectives: 1- To summarize the state-of-the-art and....

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FCHgo Award: "World of the future: the best FCH application"

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 01.02.2021 [fr] [de]

How will hydrogen transform the future of mobility and energy? What are its potential new applications? The international FCHgo Award challenges pupils to imagine innovative applications of FCH technology that will transform our daily-lives in the future.

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H2ME: Hydrogen Mobility Europe has today published its final report

Waterstofnet, 22.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME), a flagship project for hydrogen mobility involving nearly 50 organisations at the forefront of the sector has today published its final report detailing the key findings and learnings.

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CertifHy enters into phase 3 to build a H2 GO market as well as a H2 certification scheme for REDII

certifhy [BE], 08.02.2021

At the end of this year, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) has appointed a Consortium constituted of HINICIO, Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), Grexel, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) and TÜV SÜD, to lead (...)

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Pillars of Progress: Mobility – Driving down the costs of fuel cell technology

H2View, 01.02.2021 [fr] [de]

Fuel cell cars remain expensive, partly because the technology behind them is still relatively costly. Driving down those costs while enhancing performance are among the main goals of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) (...)

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HyBalance to continue hydrogen production

H2View, 18.01.2021 [fr] [de]

HyBalance, a hydrogen production facility located in Hobro, Denmark, will this year continue to produce hydrogen for customers across Europe, project partners have confirmed.

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REMOTE: Green Energy for Isolated Areas with Hydrogen Technology

FuelCellsWorks, 12.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Many of the world’s islands and other remote areas aren’t connected to a national power grid. Lacking reliable and inexpensive electricity, they rely on diesel generators or local renewable energy sources such as sunlight and wind (...)

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H2Ports: Valenciaport joins World Ports Climate Action Program

offshore energy, 08.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Spanish Valenciaport is making its debut in 2021 by joining the club of twelve international ports committed to decarbonisation and emission reduction projects. The post Valenciaport joins World Ports Climate Action Program (...)

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REFHYNE: Article Green refinery hydrogen for Europe

International Energy Agency, 27.01.2021 [fr] [de]

What is the aim of this project? Refineries are large industrial consumers of hydrogen, most of which is currently supplied by fossil fuels. The REFHYNE project will install and operate a 10 MW electrolyser at a large refinery in Germany (...)

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JIVE: World’s first double decker hydrogen buses launch in Aberdeen

Intelligent Transport, 28.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Double decker hydrogen buses have taken to the streets in Aberdeen in what is a world-first for the transport industry.

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Poland: the manufacturer bus-systems Solaris wins a tender in Gelderland (NL) (JIVE: Pologne : le constructeur de bus Solaris remporte un appel d’offres auprès de la ville de Gelderland)

map ecology, 29.01.2021 [de]

The Polish bus manufacturer Solaris won a tender in Gelderland, the largest province of Netherlands, for the delivery of electric buses, indicated the Solaris group in a press release.

Original text: Varsovie – Le constructeur polonais de bus Solaris a remporté un appel d’offres auprès de la ville de Gelderland, la plus grande province de la Hollande (centre-est du pays), pour la livraison des bus électriques, a indiqué le groupe Solaris dans un communiqué.

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Fuel cell bus projects in the spotlight: fleets, manufacturers, trends

sustainable-bus, 21.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Around 150 fuel cell buses were put in operation in Europe in the period 2012 – 2020. But there are plans to get over 1,200. by 2025. Looking at a global picture, according to BloombergNEF figures, the fuel cell buses in operation as of late 2020 were about 4,250.

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Fact of the Month



Call for proposals 2020 - 22 new projects will receive funding

fch, 09.02.2021


With interest growing around the transformative role of hydrogen in the clean energy transition, we decided that the first newsletter of the year should present the outcome of the evaluation of FCH JU 2020 Call for Proposals.

22 new projects have been granted funding following the FCH JU 2020 call for proposals. One more project will be added to the list as soon as all required formalities are signed. See an overview of the distribution of the projects below:

  • Cross-cutting pillar:5 new projects; FCH funding: 9 M €
  • Energy pillar: 8 new projects; 25.5 M €
  • Over-arching pillar: 2 new projects; 13 M €
  • Transport pillar: 7 new projects; 39.3 M €

Beyond the well-established areas of Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Distribution and Injection, Stationary and Cross-cutting, the 2020 Call for proposal endorsed new fields of technology, by expanding Transportation and Storage.

In the field of Transportation new projects will receive funding:

  • To continue the deployment of bus projects, extended from city buses to regional and long-distance coaches
  • To implement train demonstration tests that will be carried out cross-border in Portugal and Spain
  • For vessels and maritime application, seeking to use liquid hydrogen as a fuel for segments of the waterborne sector

In the field of Hydrogen storage, new projects will receive funding:

  • For renewable hydrogen combined with large scale underground storage technologies
  • For Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LHOC) to store safely large amounts of hydrogen

A new Hydrogen Island project, based on the integration of six deployment sites in Mallorca Island, will bring together all core elements of the Hydrogen value chain to the end user. The total cost of the project is 20 M € and the FCH JU will be funding half of it. Read more about Green Hysland project here.

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Industry and Policy Headlines



EU Clean Hydrogen Strategy provides chances for greener, fairer economy 05 February, 2021

europost, 05.02.2021 [fr] [de]


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) stresses that a greener and fairer economy is needed and that the EU Clean Hydrogen Strategy provides an opportunity to achieve exactly that.

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MEPs back natural gas as a ‘bridge’ to 100% renewable hydrogen

Euractiv (English), 27.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Gas should be used as a bridging solution to produce hydrogen before green varieties made from renewable electricity become commercially available, according to a motion adopted in the European Parliament's environment committee.

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Speech by Commissioner Simson at the EsadeGeo Annual Energy Meeting “Geopolitics of the Green Deal Month”

European Commission, 03.02.2021 [fr] [de]

"We have adopted a European approach by launching the EU Strategy for Hydrogen in July and with it the Clean Hydrogen Alliance.The Strategy lays out our vision for quickly scaling up renewable hydrogen production, driving down the costs and boosting demand in hard-to-abate sectors. And that vision comes with a set of ambitious targets:6 GW of electrolysers installed by 2024, and 40 GW by 2030."

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EC approves formation of Genvia to accelerate development of CEA high-temp reversible solid oxide electrolyzer technology

Green Car Congress, 18.01.2021 [fr] [de]

Schlumberger New Energy, the CEA and partners announced the European Commission’s approval for the formation of Genvia, a clean hydrogen production technology venture. In a private-public partnership model, Genvia combines the expertise and experience of Schlumberger and the CEA with VINCI...

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Morocco, Portugal sign agreement to boost cooperation in Green Hydrogen field

The North Africa Post, 02.02.2021 [fr] [de]

Morocco and Portugal on Tuesday signed in Rabat an agreement on cooperation in the field of green hydrogen development. The agreement seeks to strengthen the ties of friendship between the two countries, to boost bilateral cooperation and to align the priorities of green hydrogen (...)

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Achieve the green recovery through hydrogen: the Italian strategy and concrete measures (Realizzare la ripresa verde attraverso l’idrogeno: la Strategia italiana e le misure concrete)

Euractiv (Italian), 02.02.2021 [fr] [de]


Original text: Per decarbonizzare tali settori saranno fondamentali le molecole pulite, tra le quali l’idrogeno spicca come la soluzione più promettente grazie alla sua flessibilità. L’idrogeno può infatti essere prodotto a partire da diverse fonti, può essere impiegato per qualsiasi uso energetico e può essere....

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Enel Green Power, FNM to develop green hydrogen solutions for rail

H2View, 02.02.2021 [fr] [de]

Italy’s biggest utility Enel, through its renewable energy subsidiary Enel Green Power, and Italian public transport company FNM have inked a deal to develop green hydrogen solutions for railway transport in Lombardy, northern Italy.

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World’s biggest Steel manufacturers are committing to Hydrogen and CCS

EnergyPost, 11.01.2021 [fr] [de]

The world’s leading steel makers have announced pledges to reduce emissions, aiming for net-zero by 2050 or sooner. They are committing to various new technologies still not proven at scale: making steel with hydrogen, and some with strategies that include carbon capture.

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А hydrogen transformation in sight for Poznan’s public transport

TheMayor.EU, 02.02.2021 [fr] [de]

Dozens of new hydrogen buses could be seen on the Polish city’s streets in a few years’ time. (...)As local authorities informed on Monday, MPK Poznan has applied for national co-funding for the purchase of 84 buses powered on hydrogen.

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Belgian port lays out plans for ‘massive’ imports of green hydrogen

Euractiv (English), 28.01.2021 [fr] [de]

The Port of Antwerp has partnered with energy utility Engie and five other entities in a consortium aiming to establish a full renewable hydrogen import value chain in Belgium by the end of the decade.

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Naturgy, Enagas to go for H2 from 350 MW of onshore, floating wind in Spain

Renewables naw, 02.02.2021 [fr] [de]

Spanish power and gas utility Naturgy Energy Group SA (BME:NTGY) is partnering with gas grid operator Enagas SA (BME:ENG) on a study to produce green hydrogen from 350 MW of floating offshore and onshore wind farms in Spain.

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Subsidiary of Michelin Symbio recruit, form and built a factory in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Filiale de Michelin, Symbio recrute, forme et construit une usine en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

La montagne, 02.02.2021 [de]

For the third time in one year, the laying of the first stone of Symbio factory in Saint-Fons (Rhône) was postponed. After Covid outburst, the company jointly held by Michelin-Faurecia and specialised in mobility hydrogen, has postponed the ceremony ...

Original text: Une troisième fois en un an, la pose de la première pierre de l’usine Symbio à Saint-Fons (Rhône) a été reportée. En raison du Covid, l’entreprise co-détenue par les équipementiers automobiles Michelin et Faurecia, spécialisée dans la mobilité hydrogène, a remis à une date non précisée la cérémonie....

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Plans unveiled for green hydrogen site at French energy-from-waste unit

H2View, 03.02.2021 [fr] [de]

SUEZ and SIPEnR have formed a new joint venture to construct a green hydrogen production and distribution plant at the Energy-from-Waste (EfW) unit in Créteil, near Paris.

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Upcoming Events



23/02/2021 Hydrogen Transition Summit

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 03.02.2021 [fr] [de]


Climate Action is pleased to announce the Transition Summits, a series of 2-day virtual events focusing on 5 key sector transitions: Hydrogen, Industry, Transport, Energy and Cities. Climate Action's Hydrogen Transition Summit, taking place on the 23rd and 25th February, will gather key stakeholders....

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24/02/2021 COSMHYC FCH JU project Online Final Event

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 03.02.2021 [fr] [de]

Compression of Hydrogen at Refuelling Stations is a key technical & economic challenge for the deployment of Hydrogen Mobility. Within the project, funded by FCH JU, an innovative hybrid compression solution improving performances and lowering costs of hydrogen compression is developed and tested.

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