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Newsletter31 May 202114 min read

FCH News Report


FCH News Report



Dear reader,

As the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets have been toughened, the EU is moving towards a climate-neutral economy and its commitments under the Paris Agreement. This transition to a net zero carbon society is an opportunity to build a better future for all, but also an urgent challenge.

Last Friday it was my pleasure to invite you to the first online event from the FCHJU webinar series we are organising this year. The Hydrogen Certification Webinar, co-organised with Hydrogen Europe, took place on 21 May and it presented the results of the CertifHy initiative supported by the FCH JU as of 2014. The replay of the webinar can be seen on our official YouTube channel.

For this one-year anniversary of the FCHJU monthly newsletter, we’ll reveal the impressive results of our PECSYS project – demonstrating innovative solutions for solar-driven electro-chemical hydrogen generation. The Fact of the Month will give an overview of our commitment to decarbonise European ports and coastal areas. To remain loyal to our mission to drive innovation through synergies, pushing forward the development of overarching and cross-cutting projects, we’ve recently published a call for tenders for the Study on Hydrogen in Ports and Industrial Coastal Areas.

Enjoy the read. Stay safe and tuned!

Bart Biebuyck, FCH JU Executive Director


FCH JU Programme and Projects Updates



Review Hydrogen Certification Webinar

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 25.05.2021 [fr] [de]


Last Friday, 21 May, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), together with Hydrogen Europe, hosted a webinar on Hydrogen Certification, where European policy makers, industry representatives and NGOs debated the challenges of a harmonised hydrogen GO schemes around Europe and beyond.

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Vacancy notice

fch, 26.05.2021

The FCH JU is currently recruiting for the following position: Head of Finance and Administration.

Temporary Agent (M/F); Ref.: FCH2JU/AD11/2021/01

Deadline for applications: 13 June 2021 (23:59, Brussels time)

Location: Brussels, Belgium

To read the full vacancy notice or apply for this position, please visit our vacancies' portal (
Privacy statement

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REVIVE: Sustainable waste collection in Helmond region about to begin

Waterstofnet, 06.05.2021 [fr] [de]

SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Nederland, a specialist in waste and raw materials management, is participating in the REVIVE project. In collaboration with Blink (a public-private partnership of eight municipalities and SUEZ, active in waste collection and cleaning) two brand-new hydrogen-powered electric vehicles will be deployed...

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JIVE & MEHRLIN: SASA Bolzano launches 12 Solaris hydrogen buses, to be powered with filling station within the depot

sustainable-bus, 14.05.2021 [fr] [de]

Bolzano bets again on hydrogen buses. The new hydrogen buses were purchased as part of the EU JIVE project , funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The delivery of the 12 vehicles follow the very first order ever secured by Solaris for its fuel cell bus, signed in June 2019.

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H2ME: Hydrogen refuelling stations network in the Observer Countries of H2ME

Hydrogen Mobility Europe , 20.05.2021 [fr] [de]

A lot is happening in the Observer Countries of the H2ME project. Meanwhile, the fourth publicly accessible hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands opened in April last year, and there is also the first hydrogen filling station integrated into an existing petrol station and last but not least,....

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A New REMOTE Demo in the Canary Islands

remote eu project, 18.05.2021 [fr] [de]

The Consortium strengthens its competence with three Spanish partners: Inycom, ITC e Capisa. A new installation and a change in the design of the international Consortium are the focus of the news inside the REMOTE project. The EU funded project leaves continental Europe, landing in the Atlantic....

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MultiPLHY: Sunfire Successfully Tests the World’s Largest High-Temperature Electrolysis Module

FuelCellsWorks, 05.05.2021 [fr] [de]

Sunfire, global leader in solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) technology, achieves a major milestone in the development of its second-generation innovative high-temperature electrolyzers. The company successfully operated and tested a 250 kW (0.25 MW) electrolysis module, which is setting the base for....

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HySTOC: Hydrogenious provides update on HyStoc LOHC storage, release plants in Finland

H2 Bulletin, 27.04.2021 [fr] [de]

The HyStoc project has reached a new milestone where the LOHC storage has been installed, and the ReleaseBox plant has started testing in Finland, H2 Bulletin reports. The Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier plant system, supplied by Germany’s Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies supply for the storage and....

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Hydrogen Valleys: Inside Normandy’s hydrogen potential

H2View, 23.04.2021 [fr] [de]

Normandy, France has been identified as a region full of potential for hydrogen investment with particular interest from the Nordic countries due to its location and established industrial assets. The region is crucial for the successful integration of hydrogen to the wider European markets with the....

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Sogestran to launch soon a hydrogen barge on the Seine (Sogestran lancera bientôt une péniche à hydrogène sur la Seine)

les Echos, 17.05.2021

A subsidiary of the Sogestran group - Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (CFT), designs a boat running on hydrogen fuel cells within the European Flagships project. By the end of 2021, it will transport merchandise on the Seine river in the Paris region.

Original text: Filiale du groupe Sogestran, la Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (CFT) conçoit, dans le cadre du programme européen Flagships, un bateau fonctionnant avec des piles à combustible à hydrogène. Fin 2021, il transportera des marchandises sur la Seine en région parisienne.

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PRESLHY: Presentations of the dissemination conference are now available online!

PRESLHY, 25.05.2021

The dissemination conference of PRESLHY was successfully held on 5-6 May 2021. More than 250 participants had the opportunity to get fresh information on all aspects related to liquid/cryogenic hydrogen safety. Almost 40 presentations and quite lively discussions were additionally documenting the attention that is currently attributed to this topic.

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REFHYNE Project Production of Green Hydrogen on the Home Stretch

marketscreener, 30.04.2021 [fr] [de]

REFHYNE Project Production of Green Hydrogen on the Home Stretch. Friday, 30 April 2021 16:47. ITM Power (AIM: ITM), the energy storage and clean fuel company, is pleased to note the announcement by Shell today of the progress being made at the REFHYNE project, Europe's largest PEM electrolyser, at Rhineland Refinery in Germany.

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Pillars of Progress: Mobility – Bringing hydrogen compression to the next level

H2View, 17.05.2021 [fr] [de]

Hydrogen-fuelled vehicles could help the drive to a greener European future. But to be used as vehicle fuel, gaseous hydrogen must be compressed at refuelling stations. Funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) has led to innovative solutions that will significantly....

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PECSYS – demonstrating the solar driven hydrogen production in a large photo-electrochemical system

fch, 19.05.2021

With solar energy being potentially one of the most abundant renewable energy resources (RES), green hydrogen production utilising solar energy can become a sustainable solution to decarbonise Europe.

Arriving at the end term of its research journey, the PECSYS project developed few a considerable number of innovative solutions for hydrogen generation by exploring different combinations of photovoltaic PV (photovoltaic) materials and electrolysers. The winning technology consists of full-sized silicon heterojunction modules and CuInGaSe modules directly connected to detached PEM electrolysers without power electronics. Such a system, with a solar collection area of 10.5 m², was successfully tested in the real environment in Jülich (GER) for 9 months.

Achievements of the project:

Based on the results achieved by the demonstration system, the final technology readiness level (TRL) of the PECSYS technology is estimated as 6 (on a scale from 1 to 9). Further development is needed to increase the efficiency and long-term durability, in particular of the thermally integrated systems.

The demonstration plant installed in Jülich generated 43 g/h of hydrogen for a total of 245,000 litres of hydrogen (equivalent of a total 22 kg hydrogen) over the testing period, with an average solar-to-hydrogen (StH) efficiency of 10%.

A second demonstration system located in Catania (ITA), reached an even higher StH efficiency of 13.5 – 16%, demonstrating that the system performance depends on the location of the solar source. Further improvement of the energy conversion efficiency could reduce the levelised cost of hydrogen below 5 EUR/kg H2, thus enhancing the economic viability of solar hydrogen generation systems.

Discover the project on the website:

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Fact of the Month



Advancing the transition to zero-economy through maritime and port applications

fch, 24.05.2021


Currently used technology for maritime transport is estimated to be responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In line with the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) objective to reduce the GHG emissions produced by international shipping by minimum 50% (by 2050), the FCH JU has been supporting several R&I projects to explore the potential of hydrogen in the maritime supply chain:

1) MARANDA: A combined 165kW fuel cell and swappable hydrogen storage for a research vessel sailing in the Baltic sea

2) FLAGSHIPS: first commercial cargo transport vessel operating on hydrogen, plying the river Seine in Paris

3) ShipFC: A 2MW fuel cell powered by zero-emission ammonia for the platform support vessel Viking Energy sailing in the West Coast of Norway

4) HYSHIP: A RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) vessel, for coastal goods transport in Norway, equipped with a 3MW fuel cell using liquid hydrogen

5) H2Ports: A yard tractor and a reach stacker to move trailer and container in the terminals of the Port of Valencia. Discover more about the initiative in the project’s newsletter

6) e-SHyIPS: defines the pre-normative research, and regulations, codes and standard for the use of hydrogen as a maritime fuel for passenger vessels

With more than 74% of traded goods transited through ports, coastal areas are key factors that enable the global economy. Driving innovation through synergies and cross-cutting initiatives, port clusters and coastline areas have the potential to become an important step in the journey to develop a clean hydrogen economy. The FCH JU published a new tender on “Study on Hydrogen in Ports and Industrial Coastal Areas”, which will provide further insights on demand for hydrogen in ports. Apply by 18 June 2021 here.

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Industry and Policy Headlines



Frans Timmermans: Member States must face the consequences of higher climate targets (Frans Timmermans : les États membres doivent braver les conséquences des objectifs climatiques plus élevés)

Euractiv (French), 25.05.2021 [de]


EU member states have agreed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and increase their ambitions for 2030. This means that Europe must change all of its climate policies, including its emissions trading system, said Frans Timmermans, in an interview with EURACTIV.

Original text: Les États membres de l’UE ont convenu d’atteindre la neutralité climatique d’ici à 2050 et d’augmenter leur niveau d’ambition pour 2030. Cela signifie que l’Europe doit modifier toutes ses politiques climatiques, y compris son système d’échange de quotas d’émission, a déclaré Frans Timmermans, dans un entretien avec EURACTIV.

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Speech by Commissioner Simson at the EPICO conference "Making a leap forward: Mainstreaming Energy and Climate Innovation“

European Commission, 07.05.2021 [fr] [de]

(...) Consider that by 2050, we are looking at a power system that will be based on more than 80% renewables. A key asset underpinning that number is the potential of hydrogen. By 2050 it has the potential to reach 13-14% of our energy mix. As attractive as that number is, we are very far from there right now...

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Text adopted - A European Strategy for Hydrogen - P9_TA(2021)0241 - Wednesday, 19 May 2021 - Brussels

European Parliament, 25.05.2021 [fr] [de]

A. whereas the EU has endorsed the Paris Agreement, the Green Deal and the goal of achieving a cost-efficient and fair transition leading to climate neutrality by 2050 at the latest; B. whereas the Commission has suggested increasing the EU’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to at....

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EU-Japan Green Alliance

The European Council, 27.05.2021

The EU-Japan Green Alliance was adopted on 27 May, on the occasion of the 27th EU-Japan Summit. Both sides intend to intensify their cooperation on safe and sustainable low-carbon technologies such as renewable energy, in particular offshore wind, energy systems integration, energy markets reform, smart grids, energy storage technologies, batteries, hydrogen with a focus on renewable and low carbon hydrogen, industrial decarbonisation, Carbon Capture and Utilization and Storage, fusion energy, nuclear safety, decommissioning and innovation.

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Hydrogen Act Towards the creation of the European hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen, 06.05.2021 [fr] [de]

Hydrogen Europe April 2021 This report has been prepared by Hydrogen Europe. Authors: Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Constantine Levoyannis, Prof Dr Ad van Wijk, Frank Wouters. Supported by: European Union Gulf Cooperation Council (EU GCC) Clean Energy Technology Network, Dii Desert Energy and African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP).

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Flagship report Net Zero by 2050 A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector

International Energy Agency, 18.05.2021 [fr] [de]

The roadmap carves out an essential role for low-carbon hydrogen on the path to net zero. The world cannot reach carbon neutrality by 2050 without rapidly increasing the deployment of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies...

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The Hydrogen Stream: More hydrogen for the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp

pv magazine, 07.05.2021 [fr] [de]

French industrial gas company Air Liquide, Belgian compressed natural gas supplier DATS 24 and the Port of Antwerp are working to deploy 300 hydrogen-powered trucks and the related renewable hydrogen production infrastructure in Belgium as part of the HyTrucks initiative.

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BMW is preparing for small-scale FCEV production

electrive, 04.05.2021 [fr] [de]

At BMW, preparations are underway for the small series of the BMW i Hydrogen Next based on the current X5, announced last year for 2022. While the fuel cells themselves come from partner Toyota, some core components are to be manufactured in Bavaria. For the assembly of the small series, the....

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ORLEN to deploy its first hydrogen stations in Poland

PetrolPlaza | The global platform for the fuel retailing industry, 06.05.2021 [fr] [de]

PKN ORLEN announced it has commenced the process to select a contractor to build its first hydrogen refuelling stations in Poland. To be located at existing ORLEN service stations in Poznań and Katowice, both refuelling points will serve buses and passenger cars, according to a company's press release.

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Hungary’s first hydrogen station now operational

H2View, 04.05.2021 [fr] [de]

Hungary’s first hydrogen refuelling station is now operational. Integrated by industrial gas giant Linde, the facility marks a major milestone in the country’s hydrogen-fuelled future. Read more: New collaboration focusing on green hydrogen production in Hungary An opening ceremony was last week held to recognise the station.

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Liege Airport set to support green hydrogen transition with HaYport project

H2View, 11.05.2021 [fr] [de]

The HaYport project, a collaboration aiming to equip Liege airport with installations for the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen, has been given the greenlight by the Walloon Government. The collaboration between Liege Airport, CMI Industry and John Cockerill includes making use of....

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EODev, NepTech win “Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 Mobilities” competition with hydrogen vessels

H2View, 10.05.2021 [fr] [de]

EODev and NepTech have both come out as winners of the “Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 Mobilities” call for innovations in the new mobilities & active mobilities category, river section. This is thanks to its project, selected from among 120 applications, to design and operate passenger....

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Upcoming Events



Structural Health Monitoring. 2nd webinar of the TAHYA project

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 17.05.2021 [fr] [de]


Wednesday, 2 June, 2021 | Online event | FCH JU Participation

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Decarbonizing EU Cities through Hydrogen

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 12.05.2021 [fr] [de]

Thursday, 3 June, 2021 | Online event

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Game Changer Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysers - Online Workshop - 17th June 2021

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, 29.04.2021 [fr] [de]

Thursday, 17 June, 2021 | Online event | FCH JU Participation

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