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News article23 March 2022Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking1 min read

Join the Grasshopper project webinar

Would you like to know more about a next-generation fuel cell power plant targeting stationary applications for grid stabilisation? Join the webinar and learn about the results of the exciting and ambitious GRASSHOPPER project .

GRASSHOPPER project webinar

GRASSHOPPER Project is addressing the challenges relating to the sustainability, affordability and security of supply hydrogen production technologies. It aims to realise a next-generation fuel cell power plant targeting stationary application in the MW-scale grid stabilisation with a more cost-effective and flexible power output, accomplishing an important reduction of the CAPEX.

This kind of power plant has a novelty compared to conventional fuel cell plants, which allows a dynamic and flexible operation that could run from 20 to 100% power for a demand-driven operation. This, along with a rapid response capacity, allows participation in electricity reserve markets, where the €/MW is higher.

The MW-size unit is based on learnings from a 100 kW pilot plant, which is now running in Seville in a start-up stage. When the FAT test period finishes, the plant will be transported to The Netherlands,  where it will use the Hydrogen produced as a byproduct of the Chlor-alkali industry.

Register here to attend the webinar on 29 March and find out more about this exciting project.


Publication date
23 March 2022
Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking