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News article24 March 2022Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking1 min read

‘StasHH’ defines standard for fuel cell modules for heavy-duty applications

Project StasHH has hit a major milestone by setting the first ever standard for fuel cell modules for heavy-duty applications.

Project Stashh

This standard aims to globally impact the uniform development of fuel cell modules by setting clear rules regarding physical dimensions and physical and digital interfaces. The StasHH standard is thus a real game changer as it provides clear advantages for users and producers of fuel cell modules in their common goal towards reaching market competitiveness of heavy-duty fuel cell applications.

Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, Clean Hydrogen Partnership said:

“Funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, the project StasHH reached an important milestone in the development of standard sized fuel-cell modules in transport. By defining the first ever standard for fuel cell applications for hydrogen powered heavy-duty applications such as hydrogen trucks, StasHH will help to reduce market fragmentation, effectively lower costs and increase the competitiveness of fuel cell technology as a means to decarbonise transport.”

For more information, see the project  press release.


Publication date
24 March 2022
Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking