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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Ammonia-fuelled alkaline fuel cells for remote power applications.


SP1-JTI-FCH.2012.3.7: Field demonstration of large scale stationary power and CHP fuel cell systems


In project ALKAMMONIA a proof-of-concept system designed to provide power in remote applications will be developed and tested.

The project will integrate three innovative and proven technologies: a highly efficient and low-cost alkaline fuel cell system, a highly efficient and catalytically heated ammonia processing system and a novel solid state ammonia storage system. The integrated system will be rigorously tested, CE certification will be achieved, and the results will be shared with leading telecommunication end-users.

Project ALKAMMONIA will demonstrate significant cost savings compared to the most common current method of remote power generation, i.e. diesel generators as well as to the most common fuel-cell solution in the sector: PEM fuel cells. The ALKAMMONIA system will also completely avoid local emissions. A proof-of-concept system will be developed, built, tested and thoroughly assessed.

A Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) has been set up to play a pivotal role in this project (the SAB currently comprises Vodafone (UK) and Recova Energy (India) and the FAST-EHA will work on extending the SAB during the project) and has already advised the partners in defining the projects objectives. It will provide the consortium with first-hand information on end-user requirements and will enable the partners to respond to feedback from potential early adopters of the technology.

The consortium comprises a system integrator (UPS Systems plc), a fuel cell stack developer (AFC Energy plc, Coordinator), a component developer and supplier (Amminex A/S) and a specialist in fuel cell CE marking (ZBT GmbH), among others. The consortium brings together a vast amount of experience and expertise in the areas of fuel cell development and research, fuel processing as well as system integration. The partners believe that this consortium is ideally suited to achieve the ambitious targets set out in this proposal and maximise its impact beyond the duration of the project.