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European Partnership

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Automated Mass Production of SOC Stacks

AMPS project brings together the leading European companies in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer manufacturing value chain. The project includes automation companies (Rocksoft, Smartal) and manufacturing equipment producers (SITEC, Haikutech, Dosetec) as well as cell manufacturer (Elcogen AS) and stack manufacturer (Elcogen oy). The project is motivated by their strong commitment to develop their products and services and commence real mass-manufacturing. The industry partners are supported by research institutes VTT, Polito and VUTS.

The high-level AMPS objectives are:
1. Automated high-speed cell production with integrated quality control
2. Automated high-speed interconnect plate production and coating with integrated quality control
3. Automated high-speed stack assembly with integrated quality control   
4. Complete component tracking and optimized mass-manufacturing by using virtual twins
5. Assessment and demonstration of target stack manufacturing cost of <800 €/kWel at production volume of 100 MW/year 
6. Establish European supply chain of SOC manufacturing equipment 

Successful dissemination of the AMPS results is in the core of the participating companies business, as they are selling stack components and associated manufacturing equipment for many other companies than just AMPS partners and therefore want to spread the knowledge of the developed solutions and manufacturing methods and equipment.