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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

AmmoNia baseD membRane rEActor for green Hydrogen production

While many hard-to-abate sectors would benefit from a wide availability of green ammonia in Europe, the development of ammonia cracking technologies remains a prerequisite to unlock the full potential of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier. ANDREAH's main objective is to provide a quantum leap in the development of advanced ammonia decomposition technologies to produce ultra-pure hydrogen (>99.998%) by developing an innovative system based on a Catalytic Membrane Reactor (CMR) for the cracking of Ammonia. In this way, optimised heat management, improved conversion per pass and purification/recycling for more cost-efficient and resource-effective ammonia decomposition at lower temperatures (400-450 ºC) compared to conventional systems resulting in a decrease of CAPEX and OPEX of the system, that will bring the decentralized cost of H2 from 5.51  €/kg to 4.27  €/kg, with a decrease of 22.5%. For this purpose environmentally friendy and with less CRMs  (80-90% less compared to conventional packed bed systems) structured catalyts will be developed and scaled up and integrated with advanced H2 selective Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes and coupled with a sorbent-based hydrogen polishing step for fuel cell grade. Moreover, the complete system will be validated at TRL5 at the facilities of VTTI in the port of Rotterdam. Finally, a complete LCA, LCC and HSA will be performed over the entire value chain of ANDREAH. Appart from the different exploitable results of the project, the ambition of ANDREAH is to create a spin-off company that can exploit the advanced ammonia cracking system. KIC InnoEnergy supported more than 480 cleantech start-ups in the last decades and will provide support and advice to launch and boost the new spin-off.