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European Partnership

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks for heavy-duty, zero emission logistics

H2Haul will develop and demonstrate a total of 16 new heavy-duty (26–44t) hydrogen fuel cell trucks in real-world
commercial operations. The project includes two major European truck manufacturers (IVECO and VDL), who will build on
existing small-scale prototyping activities to develop new zero-emission trucks tailored to the needs of European customers,
mainly in large supermarket fleets. The vehicles will be standardised as far as possible to help encourage the development
of the European supply chain. New high-capacity hydrogen refuelling stations will be installed to provide reliable, low carbon
hydrogen supplies to the trucks. Most of the stations will be publicly accessible and this project will thus support the uptake
of a broader range of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles.
The vehicles and infrastructure will be thoroughly tested via an extended trial with the high-profile end users over several
years. The comprehensive data monitoring and analysis tasks will ensure that the technical, economic, and environmental
performance of the hardware is assessed, and that the business case for further deployment of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks is
developed. The scope and ambition of this innovative project will create a range of valuable information that will be
disseminated widely amongst truck operators, representatives of the retail sector, policy makers, and the broader hydrogen
industry. Hence, H2Haul will validate the ability of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to provide zero-emission mobility in heavy-duty
applications and lay the foundations for commercialisation of this sector in Europe during the 2020s.