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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Hydrogen fuel cell electric non-road mobile MAChinery for Mining And Construction: An innovative, efficient, scalable, silent and modular power-train concept

In H2MAC, two machines, namely an excavator and a shredder for the construction and mining sector, will be newly designed to integrate a FC powertrain and the related subsystems. The machines selected for the project will demonstrate a modular solution scalable, as the excavator will be powered by a FC consisting of one module of 120 kW, and the shredder will upscale the concept using two modules to enlarge the power to 240 kW. The operation of the machines is also complementary, as the excavator has a load profile derived of its movement during operation, while the shredder is a more static machine when operating. At the proposal stage, a preliminary assessment of the duty cycles have been performed to select the perfect showcase for the project activities, as well as carefully assess the size of the systems which will be developed during the project. This actions already done will pave the way to a successful project and minimise the project risks related to the planning of project resources.
That, together with the simultaneous demonstration of the machines during 1000 hours in a single real environment, will allow the partners to develop solutions capable of operation in different sectors and operative patterns, and help broadening the project impacts and commercial exploitation. The consortium is composed of different technological partners, component manufacturers, machinery manufacturers and associations that will help communication, dissemination and exploitation through standardisation.