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European Partnership

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

An innovative approach for renewable energy storage by a combination of hydrogen carriers and heat storage


FCH-02-5-2018: Hydrogen carriers for stationary storage of excess renewable energy


The main objective of the HyCARE project is the development of a prototype hydrogen storage tank with use of a solid-state
hydrogen carrier on large scale. The tank will be based on an innovative concept, joining hydrogen and heat storage, in
order to improve energy efficiency of the whole system. The developed tank will be installed in the site of ENGIE LAB
CRIGEN, which is a research and operational expertise center dedicated to gas, new energy sources and emerging
technologies. The center and its 350 staff are located at Plaine Saint-Denis and Alfortville in the Paris Region (F). In
particular, the solid-state hydrogen tank will be installed in a Living Lab aimed to develop and explore innovative energy
storage solutions. The developed tank will be joined with a PEM electrolyzer as hydrogen provider and a PEM fuel cell as
hydrogen user.
The following goals are planned in HyCARE:
- High quantity of stored hydrogen >= 50 kg
- Low pressure