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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

HYdroGen High pressure supply chain for innovative and cost Efficient distRibution

HYGHER aims to improve gaseous hydrogen delivery infrastructure for hydrogen mobility, developing innovative solutions and integrating them optimally along the supply chain steps. These include an innovative filling center able to compress and fill over 2t/day of H2 from green electrolysis, two new high pressure trailers (featuring novel cascading concepts for optimized filling/unloading) each able to transport 1.25 tons of H2 at 500 bar, and HRS adaptations for full valorization of high pressure H2, increasing economic and technical advantages. The 14-month demonstration will take place in the region of Paris to supply the HYPE fleet of hundreds of FCEV taxis with locally produced H2 via a network of HRS, reinforcing EU H2 infrastructure along TEN-T corridors.  A strong reduction in CAPEX, OPEX and footprint will be demonstrated, thus reducing the price of hydrogen at the nozzle. The project will pave the way for replication of the solution via standardization efforts including a generic design of component interfaces, as well as recommendations on regulations and standards to simplify future implementations. Safety will play a central role, through the involvement of  H2 safety experts. Circularity aspects will be studied and applied to progress toward a sustainable supply chain. Throughout the project, a future upscale of the solution to higher pressures and capacities will be prepared and all requirements regarding design, safety, economic, and regulatory aspects identified. Related requirements and challenges will be discussed with an Advisory Committee and with a wide panel of stakeholders. This will strengthen collaboration, raise awareness about potentials and benefits of the high pressure HYGHER solution, and accelerate replication and scale-up. To foster market uptake, 6 replications will be initiated in the scope of the project. HYGHER will accelerate the development of 3 SMEs, thus contributing to consolidation of EU leadership in H2 technologies.