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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

South Marmara Hydrogen Shore

The region of South Marmara is ideally placed, geographically, economically, and politically to take up the challenge of developing and implementing a hydrogen valley in 2023 and help to build towards the national Turkish goal to be carbon free by 2053. South Marmara is situated between the largest metropolitan areas of Turkey (Istanbul to the north, Izmir to the southwest and Bursa to the east. It is bordered by the Aegean Sea to the west and the Sea of Marmara to the north which gives it unlimited access to water.
The South Marmara region has set a clear vision to reach a carbon-neutral economy by 2053 by phasing-out fossil-fuel utilization in all sectors and green hydrogen will play a critical role in this path.
The HYSouthMarmara project is the first step of this vision and it will;
- Create a detailed roadmap which sets out recommendations up to 2035 and beyond in terms of establishing a regional hydrogen economy
- Design, deploy and install a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolyser with a minimum 4MW of power to reach annual hydrogen production of 500 tonnes
- Develop and implement a digital twin of the hydrogen production system that will create the flexibility for renewable energy usage and efficient production of green hydrogen
- Create the South Marmara Hydrogen Backbone by determining the infrastructure requirements for the storage, transport and deployment of the green hydrogen
- Demonstrate the uptake and replacement of grey hydrogen with green hydrogen in two industries, hydrogen peroxide production and glass manufacturing
- Conceive and build a kiln to use hydrogen as a fuel in energy-intensive ceramic industrial processes
- Develop Sodium Borohydride plant and use it as a basis for a power supply
- Explore and create new markets for the use of green hydrogen and its liquid and solid derivatives
- Create a meaningful communication plan to show to public and stakeholders the benefits of green hydrogen.