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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Luxembourg H2 Valley delivering integrated full-chain sustainable H2 ecosystem with technical, economic, social and environmental benefits and superior replicability

LuxHyVal launches a flagship hydrogen valley in Luxembourg to boost the penetration of hydrogen by deploying green hydrogen initiatives across the entire value chain from local production to utilisation, including storage and distribution for a range of applications targeting industry and mobility, while also aiming to connect with existing/planned infrastructures. Business models, regulation and commercial negotiations are defined. Safe design and operation are ensured to deliver certified green hydrogen. LuxHyVal produces 650 ton/y that are used by several end-use applications in the mobility (i.e., private & public buses, light industrial vehicles) and industry (i.e., metal and glass manufacturing) sectors using 69% and 31% of the produced hydrogen, respectively. Strong commitment of key commercial actors along the entire value chain and political support in line with the Luxembourg Hydrogen Strategy aimed at fully decarbonising the industrial sector before 2030 is ensured as demonstrated by 80% co-financing from external sources. It generates different investments exceeding 38M€. Significant econonomic, social, environmental and political impacts are achieved. Digital Twinning for optimal planning and operation is delivered to support upscaling and replication, while public perception and professional upskilling deliver social benefits and equip the workforce with the needed competences. Lastly, the lessons learned and solutions are replicated in 2 Follower Valleys in Central (CZ) and Eastern (UA) Europe. The consortium include 19 partners from 7 countries (6 from Europe plus Australia) aligned with the Clean Hydrogen Mission covering the entire value chain, including energy engineering/integrator, network operators, technology providers, supplier of green electricity, end users in mobility and industry and RTO experts in digitalisation, public acceptance, environmental assessments, innovation management, and replicators from the follower valleys.