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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Pressurized Efficient Alkaline EleCtrolysEr (PEACE)

Among the different electrolysis technologies, AEL is very competitive, because of its low investment costs and good scalability. The levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) produced by AEL can be reduced by enhancing the efficiency, maximal current densities and by enabling better integration with downstream processes. A well-tuned design of high-pressure stack and system improve the performance and overall efficiency, by eliminating the need for further compression for downstream processes. As compressors for hydrogen represent a significant share of CAPEX and OPEX of electrolysis systems, those can be reduced or eliminated.  In this project, the consortium will design and develop an AEL system demonstrator >50 kW, capable of operating at a pressure up to 90 bar, achieved by a novel concept in which the pressurization is done at two stages: by applying up to 60 bar hydraulic pressure using a pressure vessel in which a stack operates at additional 30 bar, resulting in up to 90 bar gas pressure. Integrating advanced components, innovative design, and optimizing operation strategies, through modelling and experimental testing, a system with an efficiency of 70 % (LHV) at a current density of 1 A/cm2 will be demonstrated. With this technology an AEL system will be provided that may lead to major cost reduction of green hydrogen production. The main scientific aims of the project are further supported by sustainability and circularity aspects as well as dedicated outreach activities, and jointly addressed by 2 medium-sized enterprise (SMEs), 4 R&D centres with established expertise in alkaline stack, system and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and one of the largest hydrogen production and utilization companies in the world. Lastly, use cases and the concept of the integrated plant will be proposed. Together, the new developments will target a technology breakthrough with a clear commercial perspective, placing Europe at the lead of highly pressurized AEL technology in 3 years.