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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Preparing socio and economic evaluations of future H2 lighthouse projects

Economic predictions indicate that many national economies are falling into financially difficult times. When this occurs, there is tendency to refocus priories and funds and less emphasis is placed on projects promoting environmental well-being. Prepar-H2 is unique because the partners draw upon five ongoing nationally funded demonstration H2 projects and updating 5th-6th EC framework projects in addition to the national projects, creating many benefits at a very low cost. The thrust behind Prepar-H2 is driven by a study-matrix composed for the Hy-Approval and HyFLEET:CUTE which revealed that social studies carried out in context with hydrogen demonstrations often lacked substantiation and consisted of preset and repetitive questionnaires than revealing dialogues. Often technical and demonstration projects, like some of the national projects referenced here, use vast resources for hardware while neglecting the human interface and cultural variations of both public and private perceptions as well as economic aspects. Integrating lessons learned from these H2 projects, Prepar-H2 will upgrade the social matrix through progressive interviews from a cross-disciplinary approach by involving all stakeholders throughout the entire duration of the project. Applying the same method and having accessibility to others who are involved with other alternative fuels, Prepar-H2 will simultaneously provide an economic comparison between H2, other alternative fuels and conventional fossil fuel. The final outcome will be a systematic social and economic data sets providing grounds for accompanying measures in future hydrogen lighthouse projects. More importantly, findings from Prepar-H2 will not only be applicable to future lighthouse projects but also have the flexibility to be applied to other H2 projects thereby successfully promoting H2 in societies through a thorough social and economic understanding of all stakeholders’ perceptions, attitudes and actions.


SP1-JTI-FCH-5.1 - Planning of socio-economic activities and SP1-JTI-FCH-1.2 - Preparation for large-scale vehicle demonstrations in Europe


Icelandic New Energy Ltd, Iceland

Other participating organisations:

Techniske Universitet Berlin Germnay
Hydrogen Link Denmark Denmark
ENEA Italy