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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Towards H2ydrogen Integrated eConomies In NOrthern Italy

TH2ICINO (Towards H2ydrogen Integrated eConomies In NOrthern Italy) supports the deployment of micro hydrogen economies for the EU by developing and demonstrating a full ecosystem integrated by 6 replicable use cases linked to the steps of the hydrogen value chain. The results will validate a Master Planning Tool (MPT), which replicability will be then tested.
The demonstration of the hydrogen valley will work on the four pillars of the hydrogen value chain: (i) hydrogen production, (ii) hydrogen storage, (iii) hydrogen distribution, and (iv) hydrogen consumption and will send the initial status of TH2ICINO in order to enable replication and expansion. A first stage will include modelling, simulation and scenarization, from electrolysis plant to end-user in order to evaluate different scenarios and optimize them taking into consideration the technological constraints. Once the optimal cases are defined, an implementation phase will bring to real-life the innovative concept of the ecosystem tangible results to feed the MPT.