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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Converting WASTE to offer flexible GRID balancing Services with highly-integrated, efficient solid-oxide plants

The overall objective of the Waste2GridS (W2G) project is to identify the most promising industrial pathways of waste
gasification and solid-oxide cell (SOC) integrated power-balancing plants (W2G plants in short). The project aims are to
perform a preliminary investigation on the long-term techno-economic feasibility of W2G plants to meet different gridbalancing
needs and to identify several promising business cases with necessary preconditions. To achieve such goals, an
interdisciplinary team is formed by gathering leading research bodies and companies in Europe in the fields of solid-oxide
reversible cells (SORC), waste identification, gasification and syngas cleaning, grid operation, and energy/process systems
engineering. The results of the project will further enhance the knowledge exchange and interaction among different key
players (manufacturers, investors, and research institutions), provide useful guidelines for technology development/
deployment and market positioning, increase long-term competitiveness and leadership of relevant industries, and provide
knowledge for policy support on W2G plants for a circular economy and for the decarbonisation of European energy