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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European cities

European cities can become living lab for the demonstration of Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, starting from their use in niche, but everyday applications such as temporary gensets that are used in construction sites, music festivals and temporary events. Leveraging EU excellent knowledge from consortium partners in FC application for automotive and telecom backup power solutions, EVERYWH2ERE project will integrate already demonstrated robust PEMFC stacks and low weight intrinsecallty safe pressurized hydrogen technologies into easy to install, easy to transport FC based transportable gensets. 8 FC containerd “plug and play”gensets will be realized and tested through a pan-European demonstration campaign in a demonstration to market approach.The prototypes will be tested in construction sites, music festivals and urban public events all around Europe, demonstrating their flexibility and their.enlarged lifetime. Demonstration results will be capitalized towards the redaction of three replicability studies for the use of the gensets in new contexts (emergency and reconstruction sites, ships cold ironing in harbors, mining industrial sites) and for the definition of a commercial roadmap and suitable business model for the complete marketability of the gensets within 2025. A detailed logistic and environmental analysis will be performed in order to study the complete techno-economic viability of the gensets and a decision support tool will be realized to support end-users in future replicability. According to the crucial role of cities to promote through policies and dedicated regulatory framework the spreading of FC gensets, local authorities will be involved in the project since its beginning. A strong dissemination and communication campaign will be conducted particularly during "demonstration events" (more than 25 festivals involved) in order to increase public audience awareness about FCH technologies.


FCH-02-10-2017: Transportable FC gensets for temporary power supply in urban applications


RinaConsulting (Italy)

Other participating organisations:

Organisation Country
Powercell SE
Genport(spin-off Politec. Milano) IT
Swiss Hydrogen CH
Mahytec FR
Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón ES
Deltai GUG DE
Parco scientifico e tecnologico per l'ambiente - Environment Park IT
Acciona Costruccion ES
ICLEIEuropean Secretariat DE
Linde Gas Italia IT