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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Advanced alkaline electrolysis technology for pressurised H2 production with potential for near-zero energy loss

Driven by the need to reduce the LCOH by avoiding energy and cost intensive downstream mechanical compression processes highly pressurised low temperature water electrolysers are required. HYPRAEL’s goal is to develop and validate the next generation of AEL for highly pressurised H2 production (at least 80bar and preferable 100bar). Additionally, an immense increase in energy efficiency will be possible by raising the temperature to at least 120ºC. This results in transforming classic electrolysers into innovative devices for next generation. HYPRAEL will achieve these goals and move beyond the SoA by performing research from the design and the advanced assessment of electrocatalysts and polymers to the engineering and process intensification of an innovative cell design in 4 phases: 1) Materials development for pressurized electrolysis with elevated temperature; 2) Screening of materials for applicability in pressurized electrolysers – both phases will be performed at lab scale/single cell 10cm2, 1-30bar, 80-120ºC; 3) Upscaling of the most promising developed materials in Phase 1 and 2; 4) Upscaling of developed materials and integration into an advanced stack. The validation of the components scaled up in Phase 3 will be performed in the existing test bench of FHa designed in the frame of Elyntegration at 60bar, 120ºC, 6-15kW (pilot scale) whereas the demonstration at the target pressure above 80bar, at a temperature of minimum 120ºC and in a cell stack of at least 50kW capacity will be develop by GHS in a new test bench. In addition, the HYPRAEL concept strong focus on developing an energy efficiency high-pressure electrolyser while addressing the circularity principle of the objectives of the EU for a carbon neutral economy. We believe – 2 EU reference research centers in the hydrogen field such as FHa and FhG and 4 benchmark industrial partners, GHS, AGFA, VECO and SOLVAY – that HYPRAEL will bring the next generation of AEL for highly pressurised H2 production.