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Advanced MEAs ensuring high efficiency HDV

MEAsureD targets to provide advanced, cost-effective proton exchange membranes (PEM) and stable electrodes for the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) at higher temperatures (>160 oC). The innovative HT-PEMs are based on the ion-pair technology that has been demonstrated recently as an alternative competitive for the HDV sector. Further development will be held during MEAsureD in 3 technological pillars (electrodes, membrane and MEA assembly) The incorporation and simulation of the advanced MEA into a FC stack will ensure sustainability in Heavy duty Vehicle (HDV) applications without sacrificing performance and durability bringing the suggested technology in TRL4.

The strategic objective of MEAsureD is to combine experimental approaches and simulations/modelling to improve the understanding and prediction of the MEA performance and durability by developing of testing procedures and harmonisation activities in coordination with JRC.

MEAsureD targets to optimize most of the MEA components. This optimization will lead to the improvement of the overall FC performance and stability. MEAsureD will achieve specific power density (>1.2 W/cm2 at 0.65 V), , durability (20,000 h) of the HT-PEM (operating temperature of >160 °C) and with lower cost suitable for the HDV industry.

Using ion-pair technology, MEAsureD will be able to reduce the platinum metal group (PGM) content of the FC stack by employing new type of catalysts and reduce the cost and the weight. Moreover, high stable ionomers and membranes under dry conditions and high durability catalysts, catalyst support and membranes will be studied to improve MEA's performance.

Lastly, the environmental impact of the developed technology (recyclability and circularity of the materials) as well as the applicability to other transport sectors, such as, maritime, aviation and railway will be researched.