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The Stakeholders General Assembly 2012, organised for the first time outside Brussels, features exhibits from companies and researchers to demonstrate the latest developments in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

The Exhibition is especially interesting for exhibitors who wish to reach out to French institutional players in the environment, energy, transport and industry sectors, as well as media. We would like to encourage exhibitors to, as much as possible, showcase practical fuel cell and hydrogen applications so as to visually demonstrate the potential of the technology.


Exhibits on display

  • Air Liquide

Air Liquide showcases its real size dispenser model including a small video on hydrogen mobility as well as a complete bus/car station’s model featuring the entire H2 process from hydrogen production to car/bus filling. Also provided, detailed information regarding our fuel cells systems (stationary and mobile) and H2 refueling stations and fuel cell power dedicated to forklift market.


  • CETH2



  • DLR : Antares H2 Plane



  • HyGear

Animation: Being a Hydrogen Molecule – steam methane reforming

HyGear's lead product is the Hydrogen Generation System (HGS), based on Steam Methane Reforming (SMR). These small-scale systems are installed at the end users sites and offer cost advantages, simplify logistics and create environmental benefits to society in general.

If you want to experience the SMR-process inside the HGS, come to our exhibition and watch our short animation movie 'Being a hydrogen molecule'.

Besides the Hydrogen Generation Technology, HyGear is developing other innovative gas processing products. Focus areas are Power to Gas, the utilization of stranded gas (Gas to Liquid) and the development of Fuel Cell systems for decentralized electricity generation.

We'd like to welcome you at our exhibition and tell you more...



  • Intelligent Energy

Hydrogen powered motorbike:

Intelligent Energy’s ENV is the world’s first purpose built fuel cell motorbike. This award winning zero emission fuel cell electric vehicle is powered by Intelligent Energy’s proprietary hydrogen PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell technology. The ENV has a top speed of 50mph, is near silent and emits only pure water vapour at the exhaust.

PEM fuel cells are electrochemical devices similar to batteries but unlike batteries they do not require recharging but will continue to provide power for as long as the hydrogen fuel is provided. In a PEM fuel cell stack, hydrogen and oxygen from the air react together at low temperature (<800C) to produce electricity and water. Fuel cells are quiet, with few moving parts and operate at high efficiencies, typically two-to-three times that of an internal combustion engine and are being targeted at near term commercialization for multiple sectors, from consumer electronics and stationary power to a wide range of automotive applications.

Intelligent Energy is a British company with global business activities, our headquarters and main operating site is based in Loughborough and we have offices in London, Long Beach, Bangalore and Osaka. We were formed in 2001, originally a spin-out from Loughborough University and now employ over 280 people across the Group.


  • ITM

Electrolyser: HBox is a unique hydrogen generation system. It utilises a radical electrolyser stack design which eliminates power hungry balance-of-plant. This allows hydrogen generation to be maximised from the available power input. HBox Solar uses this technology to generate hydrogen in locations where there is no access to an electricity grid; receiving its power directly from photovoltaic panels. The product offers fully autonomous electrolysis, where hydrogen generation modulates in tandem with solar irradiance.



  • IRD

Flowplates & MEA: The IRD MEAs (2) gives the Fuel Cell stacks improved overall performance and lifetime.


  • Linde Gas

Cryopump model:

The model shows a hydrogen fuelling station with the cryo pump developed by Linde. All the important parts of the system like the cryo pump, heat exchanger and dispenser unit are shown in the model. The relevant parts are illuminated if the corresponding buttons are pushed. The fuelling process is shown via LED lighting.


Ionic compressor model:

The model shows a hydrogen fuelling station with the ionic compressor developed by Linde. All the important parts of the system like the ionic liquid columns are shown in the model. The relevant parts are illuminated if the corresponding buttons are pushed.



  • Mahytec

Hydrogen storage tank: Solid storage tank for mobile applications.


Tanks: High pressure storage tanks.