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Clean Hydrogen Partnership


Clean Hydrogen Partnership is rewarding its top projects and beneficiaries of funding for their excellent achievements in 2022, during an Awards ceremony on 26th of October, as part of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Forum.

The Awards traditionally include the following categories: Best Success Story, Best Innovation (for which the winner will be chosen by public vote), and Best Outreach.

In addition, this year we will hand out for the first time an award for the European H2Valley(s) of the Year.

Make sure to check out this year’s winners on Wednesday evening (26th of October) and celebrate their outstanding achievements with us!

The voting is now closed. Thank you for votes!


Best Innovation Award

The Clean Hydrogen Innovation Award demonstrates how collaboration between research, industry and policymakers in this European partnership is delivering world-class solutions and accelerates the energy transition to a decarbonised and greener world.

Each innovation (and innovator) shortlisted for this award shows clear examples of European Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s research, development and continuous learning. The project partners leading the winning innovation will receive the award.



Shortlisted projects innovations

Best Success Story Award 

The success stories we identify each year show how collaboration between research, industry and policymakers in a European partnership, and synergies across different projects portfolios, delivers the best innovation and accelerates society’s transition to a greener world. 

Each story shows the European Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s project portfolio approach in creating low-carbon and sustainable solutions or opening new markets for European solutions in fuel cell and clean hydrogen technology.

As several projects are usually involved in each  success story, the award belongs to all projects taking part in the winning success story. 



Shortlisted Success Stories

Best Outreach Award

The European Clean Partnership Best Outreach Award celebrates public engagement of our projects and aims to encourage beneficiaries of EU funding to communicate better about the project and the achievements. We value creativity, but also thoroughly planned communication strategies, in particular for public outreach. The winner of the Best Outreach Award is chosen by the Clean Hydrogen JU Programme Office.

European H2 Valley of the Year

Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its predecessor (FCH JU) have started working on the concept of H2 Valleys as early as 2017, when the Regions Initiative was launched.  Since then, the concept has evolved, with multiple H2 Valleys being now funded annually . Hydrogen Valleys are generally identified at a global level by the H2V Platform under Mission Innovation.

Currently, 38 European hydrogen valleys at different stages of development are part of the Mission Innovation Hydrogen Valleys Platform. Many of such H2 Valleys projects have already reached the Financial Investment Decision (FID) level and this effort needs to be recognised, as the most important step for project realisation in the near term. Moreover, outstanding efforts in coverage of the value-chain, hydrogen volume produced/used in the valley, stakeholders landscape and involvement but not last, innovation level will be also used as criteria to identify the Valleys of the Year in Europe.