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Introducing the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel 

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is proud to introduce the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel (EHS&CP). Comprised of 15 distinguished experts from across Europe, this panel is set to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainability and circularity principles within the hydrogen sector. The EHS&CP is tasked with two primary missions:

  1. Guiding sustainability integration: The panel will collaborate closely with the Clean Hydrogen Partnership to embed sustainability and circularity considerations at both the program and project levels. This encompasses environmental, social, and economic dimensions, ensuring a holistic approach to hydrogen innovation. 
  2. Knowledge dissemination: Leveraging the expertise of its members, the EHS&CP will actively promote and disseminate knowledge to foster a culture of sustainability and circularity within our program and beyond, catalysing broader industry-wide transformation. 

Following a call for experts and a rigorous selection process, 15 experts were appointed as members of the EHS&CP. They will spearhead a range of activities on sustainability and circularity across the whole hydrogen value chain and will be organised across four task forces: 

  • Hydrogen production (TF1)
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution (TF2)
  • Hydrogen end uses (TF3)
  • Cross-cutting issues (TF4)

Members of the EHS&CP


For inquiries regarding the European Hydrogen Sustainability and Circularity Panel and its initiatives, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at EHSCPatclean-hydrogen [dot] europa [dot] eu (EHSCP[at]clean-hydrogen[dot]europa[dot]eu)