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Study on hydrogen in ports and industrial coastal areas


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30 March 2023
Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking


Up to 42% (22 Mt, or 730 TWh) of total hydrogen demand in the EU in 2050 could be located in port areas, shows the first report of a study conducted by Deloitte Belgium for the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. Port ecosystems are expected to play a crucial role in the expansion of the European hydrogen market through 2050. First, as energy transit hubs facilitating the import of hydrogen and its distribution, and second, as investors in dedicated infrastructure to produce, import, store, and distribute hydrogen to multiple end-users in the wider port areas and/or into the hinterland.

The ‘Study on hydrogen in ports and industrial coastal areas’ comprises several phases, with this report being the first in a series of three reports that will all be released by the end of 2023.

The second report,expected to be released in early spring, will aim to inform relevant port related stakeholders (including policymakers) on the required non-technical (policy, regulatory, governance, strategic, etc.) enablersareas of priority for research and innovation projects and required safety regulations, codes, and standards for the timely development of hydrogen related activities and infrastructures in EU port ecosystems.

The third report, expected by the end of the year, will examine several case studies highlighting the techno-economic feasibility of developing a range of hydrogen-related activities and infrastructures in the vicinity of ports.

In parallel, the organization of multiple European Hydrogen Ports Network events all along the duration of this study help create impetus for the main European representatives of the port ecosystem to come together, exchangeconnect and take a long-term perspective on hydrogen take-up in European ports.

These activities have the end-goal to enable the creation of a 'European Hydrogen Ports Roadmap'.

Study on hydrogen in ports and industrial coastal areas


31 MARCH 2023
Study on hydrogen in ports and industrial coastal areas
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