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Towards a Dual Hydrogen Certification System for Guarantees of Origin and for the Certification of Renewable Hydrogen in Transport and for Heating & Cooling

This report summarises the results and main outcomes of the second phase following the FCH 2 JU financed project CertifHy (‘CertifHy 2’). This second phase is the implementation of a service contract concluded between the FCH 2 JU and the consortium.


Publication date
17 July 2019
Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking


The objective of the study (referred to as “CertifHy 2”) has been to continue the momentum built during the first phase of the project and to serve as a catalyst for establishing and implementing an EU-wide Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme for Green & Low Carbon Hydrogen. The work involved gaining practical experience with an operational pilot to identify and address practical issues raised by the implementation of the GO scheme that was designed as part of CertifHy 1and to ensure compatibility with evolving EU legislation. A highly inclusive Stakeholder Platform was set-up and governed the project.

A CertifHy GO discloses information on the hydrogen produced, including its energy source and greenhouse gas intensity. Two labels have been implemented: ‘Green Hydrogen’ and ‘Low-carbon Hydrogen’. The CertifHy GO Scheme enables EU-wide consumption of Green and Low-carbon Hydrogen regardless of geographical location. By using a GO, the corresponding quantity of hydrogen consumed de-facto acquires the properties of the hydrogen covered by the GO, much like existing systems for electricity.

An additional hydrogen certification function in addition to consumer disclosure is needed to monitor the contribution of hydrogen to EU policy targets. While the focus of CertifHy has so far been on developing a GO Scheme, the recast RED2 also requires a tracking system for renewable energy to be consumed in specific sectors such as transport, which is typically done via “(Supply) Certificates”. Therefore, the overarching ambition for the next CertifHy phase could be to create an EU-wide CertifHy Certification Scheme that covers both Guarantees of Origin and Supply Certificates


15 NOVEMBER 2021
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