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Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Tools to support the development of business models

This section collects a set of tools that you may use to improve your knowledge on certain technologies and options, test your business models and learn about other funding sources you may use.


Type Title Source Link Last update
Technology introduction & preliminary business cases' dossiers FCH Technology introduction & preliminary business cases' dossiers FCH Regions Initiative (FCH JU: 2+26 PDF files) All:
- Technology Introduction Dossiers
- Preliminary Business Cases

Per applications:
- Buses
- Heavy-duty trucks
- Trains
- Bikes
- Cars
- Construction mobile equipment
- Delivery vans
- Garbage trucks
- Material handling equipment
- Scooters
- Sweepers
- Aircraft
- Aircraft ground support equipment
- Boats
- Ferries
- Port operations equipment
- Ships
- Back-up power
- Commercial buildings
- Gen-sets
- Industrial use cases
- Off-grid power
- Residential grid services
- Electricity grid services
- Green hydrogen
- Hydrogen into gas grid

Business cases/models Business models Funding and Finance (FCH JU website)  
Business cases/models Teaser for Coupling wind farms (or any RES) and Electrolysers Funding and Finance (FCH JU website)  
Modelling tools Fuel Cells Hydrogen Trucks: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model FCH JU (Roland Berger; Excel file) Excel file 15/12/2020
Modelling tools Mobility business case tool FCH Regions Initiative (FCH JU Excel sheet) Excel file 27/03/2018
Modelling tools Hydrogen Territories Platform's (HTP) Replicability tool Hydrogen Territories Platform (BIGHIT project) - FCH JU Excel file 26/09/2014
Modelling tools Calculate the costs of Fuel Cell Electric Buses for your specific location with this tool FCH JU (Roland Berger; Excel file) (Excel file and PDF user guide)

Modelling tools Check your readiness level to deploy Fuel Cell Electric Buses with this tool FCH JU (Roland Berger; Excel file) Excel file 07/10/2015
Modelling tools Business case assessment tool for the rollout of a Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) Infrastructure FCH JU (Roland Berger; Excel file) Excel file 26/09/2014
Data source Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Observatory (FCHO) provides data (statistics, facts and analysis) and up to date information about the entire hydrogen sector. The FCHO focuses on technology and market statistics, socio-economic indicators, policy and regulation, and financial support. FCH JU (Roland Berger; Excel file) 18/09/2020
Funding tools FCH Funding and Financing navigation tool FCH Regions Initiative (FCH JU; Roland Berger; Excel sheet) Excel file



Funding tools Hydrogen Public Funding Compass European Commission, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW)



Funding tools The Financial support module of the FCH Observatory provides stakeholders with valuable information regarding EU funding programs managed centrally by the EU or by regional authorities. The module also covers national programs and financial tools. FCHO website